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Re: [wsjtgroup] CQ Frequency on 144 mhz for FSK441

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  • Robert Lawson
    Thanks, Sebastian. Will get with you off line. Of note, the grear here is an IC-7000, TE Systems 1452G, hardline, SSB preamp/Sequencer, and M2 9 ele WS yagi
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 19, 2012
      Thanks, Sebastian.  Will get with you off line.  Of note, the grear here is an IC-7000, TE Systems 1452G, hardline, SSB preamp/Sequencer, and M2 9 ele WS yagi @ 50 feet.  Last time (MS '70) twas a Drake 2-C with Drake 2 meter converter w/PS, Dow Key, EJ Johnson 6N2 driving a converted Motorola amp using a pair of conduction cooled 2CX250B's (forget their Eimac 4 digit number) until one 'let loose' giving up the ghost into the ethers on workday morning at 4 am......w/one upset wife and two screaming babies soon at me shack's door.  Twas not a glorious predawn morning for me aka daddy.  Now when they visit grandma and grandpa as adults and think that I'm taking a little grandpa snooze, on occassion I've overheard them say when sitting around the kitchen table, "Mama, remember that morning when daddy blew up one of his radios and we found him on his back on the floor still in his chair?<grin>

      " Laissez les bons temps rouler "

      Robert W4RL Pensacola EM60jm

      On 12/19/2012 3:43 PM, Sebastian, W4AS wrote:

      Rob the calling frequencies are 144.140 and 50.260 for 6 meters.

      You may want to take a look at the website below for more information on meteor scatter.

      Feel free to contact me directly if I can help you out in getting back on, and join Ping Jockey which is where schedules are made.

      73 de Sebastian, W4AS
      WSJTGROUP Official Website: http://www.meteorscatter.org

      On Dec 19, 2012, at 4:20 PM, "w4rl@..." <w4rl@...> wrote:

      > Hi Fellas,
      > Robert W4RL here in Pensacola FL EM60jm. I'm a nugget with software assisted meteor scatter as my MS activity was done the old fashioned way back in the 70's on two meters. Tell me what is/are the cq (random) calling frequency(ies) on 144 mhz for FSK441, assuming that mode is the best/most popular.
      > I would certainly appreciate some Elmering as I find the 'point and mash' to be a very intriguing way to make possible exchanges via the rocks.
      > Of note: I've heard rumors via questionable sources that this Friday is really going to be one 'Whoa Nellie' Fireball Day for all time. <grin>
      > 73 es tnx de rob w4rl

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