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TX5K Clipperton Island on 6m

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  • Lance Collister, W7GJ
    As you may be aware, there is a serious DXpedition to Clipperton Island early next year: http://www.cordell.org/CI/
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2 12:40 PM
      As you may be aware, there is a serious DXpedition to Clipperton Island early next year:


      So far, there has been no interest in or operator for activating Clipperton on 6m :-(

      I am offering to take my portable 6m station, and have been approved yo join the
      DXpedition - provided I can pay the standard personal participation fee of $6500. It
      will be a challenge alone for me to bear the expenses to transport myself and all my
      equipment to and from San Diego, California. I therefore must ask the 6m community
      if you are interested in having Clipperton activated on 6m. If you are, I need your
      help NOW! I have until November 26 to raise $6500. The progress is shown here:


      I would appreciate your help if you want to have this rare DXCC activated on 6m. If
      the total required is not acquired in my bank account by November 26, I will return
      the funds to everyone who contributed, or transfer the funds received to someone else
      who is more financially able to personally handle the expense of joining the trip to
      activate Clipperton on 6m. You will have the option to decide if you want the money
      back or transferred to someone else.

      There should be a good chance of some F2 propagation by next March. However, even if
      there is no F2, there are good EME windows with everyone around the world
      (especially during the first half of the trip) and I have the proven ability (E51SIX,
      3D2GJ, 5W0GJ, E6M) to work single yagi stations on JT65A mode when the moon is on
      their horizon by using my portable 6m DXpedition station. So anybody who is
      seriously interested in 6m should have a good opportunity to work Clipperton Island
      if I do in fact join the team. I have been assured that I will be able to operate 6m
      full time, so am very hopeful that many people will be able to add Clipperton to
      their DXCC totals.

      If you are interested in working 6m DX, please consider a contribution now to make
      this 6m activation a reality. Please also spread the word to anyone else you know
      who is interested in working 6m DX. I will continue to update the above contribution
      sheet with the status so you can easily see whether this is going to happen or not.
      There are only three weeks to make this happen! Checks or cash can be sent to my
      mailing address is shown below. PayPal contributions can be sent to my PayPal
      account (which is the same as my email address).

      Thank you for your kind consideration, and I hope to hear from you. GL and VY 73, Lance

      Lance Collister, W7GJ
      (ex WA3GPL, WA1JXN, WA1JXN/C6A, ZF2OC/ZF8, E51SIX, 3D2LR, 5W0GJ, E6M)
      P.O. Box 73
      Frenchtown, MT 59834-0073
      TEL: (406) 626-5728
      QTH: DN27ub
      Windows Messenger:W7GJ@...
      Skype: lanceW7GJ
      2m DXCC #11/6m DXCC #815

      Interested in 6m EME? Ask me about subscribing to the Magic Band EME
      email group, or just fill in the request box at the bottom of my web
      page (above)!
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