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  • Brad Pioveson W9FX
    Joe and all: I prefer being able to operate in both the assisted and unassisted modes during the same event, actually. That allows me to maximize my
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 6, 2004
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      Joe and all:

      I prefer being able to operate in both the 'assisted' and 'unassisted' modes
      during the same event, actually. That allows me to maximize my
      productivity, both in terms of contest score and event participation. Since
      I'm self-scoring the event, anyhow, it's a simple matter to add or subtract
      points or multipliers, depending upon the type of contact I made. My
      reasoning is simple: If I choose to operate in the 'assisted' mode and make
      a QSO or two during the first day of the event...then, lose my ISP (or, the
      PC, or the PJ page goes down for the duration...), I'm done, finito, stick a
      fork in me. My score is whatever I have worked prior to the catastrophe
      that shut down my Ping Aids. If I can work in both categories, making
      proper notation in the contest log as to how each QSO was worked, I can
      continue to operate and participate. I can also work stations that are ONLY
      operating in the 'unassisted' mode. The converse is equally true.

      For the purposes of these events and for this discussion, I am willing to
      accept 'unplanned contact' as an acceptable working definition of a 'random
      QSO.' So that everyone reading this knows, up front, my position, I am
      wholly opposed to any rule restricting my ability to work and be credited
      for any QSO, simply so that those who particularly enjoy a specific type of
      contact may be rewarded.

      Where is the dictum that states that 'random QSO's' are harder to make (and,
      therefore more valuable) than scheduled QSO's? Are 'random' QSO's harder to
      complete? Should they be awarded more contest points than QSO's that are
      set up in advance - or affected using real time Ping Aids? I don't think
      so. I think anyone's answer to that question depends upon the circumstances
      of the particular contact and one's perspective. Consider this scenario:
      If Joe, K9KNW, goes to C6A-land again and I work him by prearranged sked,
      that's a long, tough haul. He did, a few years ago, and I did - work him,
      that is. BD reported the path length as1,294 miles. That QSO took a long
      time - over an hour - for us to exchange the required info. As the tag line
      of one ham email recently noted, 'A large number of electrons were terribly
      inconvenienced,' so that Joe and I could exchange callsigns and signal
      reports. Now, I can work K9KNW from his home QTH as a 'random QSO' almost
      at will. I've constructed equipment to put even more power online now than
      I then had, so, Joe and I both run the legal limit. It's pretty easy to
      find a rock or two that will support communication during just about any 15
      minute period of any day of the year. Which of my K9KNW QSO's should be
      worth more contest points? The W9-to-C6A contact was the more valuable of
      the two to me. In the Dec. 2003 HSMS contest, tho, the K9KNW 'at home' QSO,
      where he's running more power and has a 4-bay array of Yagi's vs his
      portable station's 300 wts and a single, 12 ele antenna is worth more points
      (as an additional multiplier). It is not my position that folks are not
      interested in 'random' QSO's, (altho, we probably could have a spirited
      debate about the definition of the term 'random.') I'm just not sure that
      they are any more noteworthy or should be rewarded more points than an
      'assisted' contact.

      I'm not looking for a 'range war' (or a war of flames) between the 'Randoms'
      and the 'Skeds' (hmmm...what would our respective 'colors' be? 8>))
      Perhaps what needs to happen is that a week (or, several days) long 'NA
      Random HSMS rally' be arranged and held. The rules of this one would outlaw
      all non-radio aids to contacts. Russ, K2TXB, watsay? You up for it?
      Anybody else? The inaugural event could be held late this summer or during
      early fall.

      WA5UFH: As for suggestions regarding log receipts, why not publish a list
      on the web (if free space is available for same) of logs received? That
      could be supplemented with an occasional email copy to the various
      reflectors of the same info. Those who have sent in logs could easily
      check and see if their callsign is listed. No callsign listed would, of
      course, indicate that no log was received.

      73, Brad, W9FX
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