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Fwd: Question about Windows XP resampling

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  • jeff millar
    First, thanks to Joe for all the work on the new MAP65...It s _very_ nice. I m trying to use it with a sound card and I m running into an old problem with my
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2012
      First, thanks to Joe for all the work on the new MAP65...It's _very_ nice. I'm
      trying to use it with a sound card and I'm running into an old problem with my
      Windows XP Laptop installation.

      The new Map65 2.x only has a Windows executable, so far, so I'm forced back into
      using Windows. My Windows installation has a problem with signal bandwidths
      limited to +/- 24 KHz from center. This limit occurs with all signals, even
      those configured for 96 KHz sample rate. My Windows used to work fine. but
      after playing around with difference sound cards, ASIO drivers, and various
      audio tools, something changed and I don't know how to change it back. I've
      uninstalled all the experiments and reinstalled various drivers, but nothing

      Searching on "windows, audio, resampling, 48 KHz" etc. produces an enormous
      amount of information about anything but my problem. Some of the search results
      seem to indicate that maybe everything is running through a resampling process
      that converts it to 48 KHz sample rate...which has the effect of band limiting

      So how do I turn off resampling? What does the Windows community call this
      feature, are there better search terms?

      Does anyone on this list happen to know how to control this aspect of the
      Windows audio system? It seems there has to be a setting somewhere. How about
      tools to display the settings of the audio system? Nothing in control panel
      seems to relate to this, unless it's listed under a term I don't understand,
      Lastly can anyone recommend a good writeup on Windows Audio that might help me
      understand this?


      jeff, wa1hco
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