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CM86,87,94,95 Grid Trip Schedule

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  • aa7vb@aol.com
    Thanks to all who responded with thoughts regarding a drive business trip I need to make between DM13 and CM97. Predictably, only a few FFMA chasers (within
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2011
      Thanks to all who responded with thoughts regarding a drive business trip I need to make between DM13 and CM97.  Predictably, only a few FFMA chasers (within meteor scatter range) needed grids located up and down the coastal southern half of California - other than CM79 and offshore CM93 / DM02. However, there were a number of the gang who needed grids for their WSJT awards.  That's enough "need" for me!
      My plan will be to make two grid line stops on the way up to Santa Clara - CM94/95 and CM86/87.  If the CM86/87 line stop doesn't pan out, I will split the time so both get some action.
      While the trip will focus on WSJT because Es aren't expected, I will be watching for them closely. 
      Anyone needing these grids (but do not use WSJT) wanting to try CW or SSB scatter, simply drop me a note.  We'll make a sked and give it go.
      CM94/95            October 12 starting at 1300z - through morning...will look for Es
      CM86/87            October 13 starting at 1300z - throughout day if possible ...will look for Es
      Call                    K7BV
      Reports               I send grids & use ST/SH for RRR and 73.  You please NO grids and DO use SH/ST.
      Frequency/mod    50.255  -  FSK441/ISCAT, me always in 1st sequence. If Es appear, will try 50.155.
      Station                KW to 3el yagi at 20 feet, FT 450
      Coordination        I do expect to have Internet access to Ping Jockey.  ON4KST if Es appear.
      If I missed anything, please let me know.  Thanks for the fun!
      Dennis K7BV
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