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RE: [wsjtgroup] Final Random Hour Report for 9-24-2011

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  • Randy Tipton
    Dave, thank you for providing all the reports. As you know I enjoyed working random contacts, especially on two meters where it once was more popular than six
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      Dave, thank you for providing all the reports. As you know I enjoyed working
      random contacts, especially on two meters where it once was more popular
      than six meters! Actually a few guys provided reports since the launch of NA
      Random Hour. Bruce, N5SIX provided reports for many years so thanks to him
      as well. The WSJTGROUP Saturday Random Hour started on January 12, 2003,
      even though I am now off the air, I was still reading the reports hoping
      that one day the peak activity would return and that two meter activity
      would once again return to its original glory.

      Just wanted to make those comments after reading your announcement. Thanks
      Dave and good luck to all.


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      Random Hour Report for 9/24/2011
      Email Random Hour Reports to dhassall@... I received 1 reports this
      week. I am now answering the receipt of each report. If you do not get a
      "thank you" email back, I didn't get your report for some Reason. So, please
      resend it.
      I am trying to get the compiled report on the WSJT and the Digital On Six
      websites by late Tuesday night. So everyone should find it online by
      Wednesday of each week.

      Ping Jockey scheduling page is:
      Backup page for Ping Jockey is:

      WRK - Worked station
      CNR - Called but not worked
      HRD - Heard
      (R) = Random contact
      (S) = Scheduled contact



      WA5DJJ: I have been the reporting secretary for the WSJT Random Hour for
      the past three years. I have really enjoyed the privilege of doing it and
      meeting all of you. But the time has come to give it up. Mainly because I
      have very little to report. The accepted practice seems to lean heavily on
      making contacts scheduled on Ping Jockey and not working random contacts on
      50.260MHz and 144.140MHz. Most seem to think that if you work your contacts
      that way, you don't need to report them. So, It seems that I need to go to
      the "Old Elephant Farm" to die.

      So Folks, No Random Hour Reports for Saturday need to be sent to me in the
      future. I wish the Meteor Scatter Group well. It is an experience that I
      will never forget. There is just something about seeing a distant stations
      call sign appear on my screen from out of NOWHERE that just makes my old
      heart pump a few extra beats. About the only thing I can compare it to is
      hearing my callsign on CW after I had called my first CQ 53 years ago. Fair
      Winds and Following seas my friends.

      73 Dave

      David R. Hassall WA5DJJ
      WEBSITE: http://www.zianet.com/dhassall/


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