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Re: [FFMA] K7BV NV-UT-ID-MT Grid Trip

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  • Clay W7CE
    Hi Dennis, I ve been out of town, so I m kind of late in responding. DN15 is the only grid I need that is close to the route you re likely to take. The other
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 9, 2011
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      Hi Dennis,
      I've been out of town, so I'm kind of late in responding.  DN15 is the only grid I need that is close to the route you're likely to take.  The other DN grids I need are DN52, DN75, DN85, DN90 and DN91, though I'm sure you don't plan to be near any of those.

      Thanks & 73,
      Clay  W7CE

      On 7/6/2011 1:58 PM, aa7vb@... wrote:

      Things are shaping up such that my trip up to the DN38 destination is looking pretty good.  I am currently hoping to be able to leave some time this coming Monday for an arrival there Friday mid day.  I would depart Sunday the 17th and take 2-3 days coming back to So.Cal.
      HOWEVER, because of all the coverage done by Gene, David and others in the NV-UT-ID-MT area during the last couple weeks, I have to admit to being totally confused about what to try and cover for the gang.  I am sure the latest Leader Board has to be significantly out of date because of all of that action so I cannot use that as a guide to doing the most for the FFMA leaders. 
      I am open for suggestions for night/early AM meteor scatter stops while getting there and coming back. But not sure at all where I might want to sit during the day to try and catch some Es in a grid still rare. 
      Dennis K7BV

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