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Fw: [FFMA] Interior-West Rare Grid Trip is Fini !!!

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  • Bill VanAlstyne W5WVO
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      Bill W5WVO
      Sent: Friday, July 08, 2011 03:59
      Subject: [FFMA] Interior-West Rare Grid Trip is Fini !!!

      Hello All,

      Made it back home last night. The six weeks were an interesting and challenging (and sometimes a bit hairy/scary) time, but enjoyable time (particularly when looking back). I haven't calculated the final QSL count or grids handed out, but my initial count shows I covered 10,032 miles and burned 701.4 gallons of unleaded. The truck and systems performed well with only a minor issue ($20 for new disk-brake mounting bolts).

      I would like to thank everyone that followed me along my route and kept me busy on m/s when Es pretty much stayed at home. I would have liked a higher QSL count that more Es would have provided (particularly during my 4 days in DL88) but the regular m/s crowd that followed me along became a 'family' that I will miss.

      A particular 'thank you' to those that would provide just the right words of encouragement when I was discouraged and feeling ready to bag the rest of the trip.

      I will post the final numbers and highlights in a couple of days after I have a chance to get the data organized.

      Again, thnx.


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