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K7BV CN-M-DM Post Grid Trip Report

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    I made it back to So.Cal Monday after a 15 hour sprint from Oregon. I think the CN-CM-DM grid trip can generally be called a success. The majority of the trip
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 8, 2011
      I made it back to So.Cal Monday after a 15 hour sprint from Oregon. I think the CN-CM-DM grid trip can generally be called a success. The majority of the trip was devoted to WSJT meteor scatter because of the hours most of the traveling occurred as well as the fact that Es didn't show when it was daylight.  The one exception was the two days on the CN77-78 border line where Es did appear.  I started the trip as planned ugly early Monday AM.  Over the next 24 straight hours, I cover several CA and OR grid border lines and individual grids.  I had to grab 3 hours sleep after 28 straight hours, though :)
      While the actual purpose of the trip was to work in a booth at the SeaPac convention in Seaside, OR, I went up to the CN77/78 line to see if I could help KM0A, W0FY and others from the Leader Board with this two girds.  Wednesday was a long day of only meteor scatter SSB/CW/Digital contacts and a few very short Es.  I took the antenna down and went to the hotel about 7P thinking the band was dead and gone for the day.  After climbing into my pajamas and bed, the phone rings.  Its Mark KM0A calling to tell me the band is open for him into CN87 not far from me.  I jumped out of bed, rushed into my jeans (forgetting underwear) pulled a jacket over my PJ top and ran to the car.  I raced back to the border line set up spot along side Hwy 101 and pulled the generator, antenna and push up mast out of the rear of the SUV.  I fired up the amp and the FT 450 and then called Mark on the cell to tell him I was ready to go.  We agreed on 50090 to see if the band would still support a QSO since conditions had faded....I could not hear any signals on the band.  As I spun the dial down to 090, I heard a series of Vs beings sent.  Shoot; the frequency is in use!  Hmmm, Mark, are sending Vs by any chance?  Mark responded, "Yes".  I said, "Well, listen to your receiver, you are gonna like this!  A few moments later, Mark had grids numbers 485 and 486 in the log. 
      I worked a few more guys, primarily in MO, before the band appeared to close. I did have one very strong QSO with K7TNT during the MO QSOs confirming the fact that WY was the first hop for me with MO being the second footprint. I kept the CQ beacon going and did manage to scare up a few other QSOs before it truly was wrung out for the night. Thursday had a number of short Es openings in the morning and then a long opening in the late afternoon and evening south to California, NM, and most of the 7th call area.
      Thanks for the fun everyone.  I will answer cards after getting back from the CM93 boat gird trip.
      Dennis Motschenbacher K7BV
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