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I will be off the air a few days, wa5ufh

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  • Randy Tipton
    I will be off a few days because of a surge during a electrical storm. Will see everyone on Ping Jockey when by station is operational again. Stop reading here
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 9, 2002
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      I will be off a few days because of a surge during a electrical storm.
      Will see everyone on Ping Jockey when by station is operational again.

      Stop reading here unless you want more details. HiHi

      Well after many years being a ham, I got hit by lightening. Hope it is
      true, the old saying that lightening never hits twice the same
      location. It was a powerful electrical storm, lasted about 3 hours. We
      were aware of the storm prior to going to bed because of the weather
      reports so we carefully disconnected all the coax, rotor cables and
      unplugged the 50 Amp supply. I even turned off the poser to the surge
      protector to the PC.

      Well the next morning I discovered my surge protector had blown on the
      PC modem. I felt a little proud of the fact the surge protector saving
      my PC modem. Who know, even the maybe the whole PC! As I bypassed the
      Surge protector and started up the PC everything was looking good. The
      PC booted and there I was getting online.

      Well, next the news was bad. The satellite TV would not work. After
      checking it and confirming that it took a surge from the phone line I
      started wondering why I didn't have a surge protector on it. Oh well.

      The next step was to check the other phones and electronic appliances.
      I did find the plastic cover on the phone termination box out on the
      utility pole had been blown off but no evidence of arcing? I went back
      and did some work on the PC then decided to check on the cattle. After
      finding all the heard accounted for, but deep in the woods, they were
      a little spooked, I decided to go back and listen to the radios.

      When launching WSJT, the computer started operating strange. It was
      slowing down, I exited out and went to a PSK application. It stopped
      working. Alt-Tab would not report and applications as being open. The
      task bar disappeared, Windows was very sick. I ended up having to
      Ctrl-Alt - Del. This happened many times, I have never seen windows
      act so strange and no error messaged? Windows started in Safe Mode
      most times after trying sound board applications. That was a sure
      clue. The PC would run flawlessly any application that didn't
      recognize a soundboard. It took a while to realize this so I am
      thinking the worse. The day before I installed a CDRW but it was
      checked out very well.

      After realizing windows was crashing because of the soundboard
      applications I went to the System Device Manager and Disabled the
      soundboard. The PC started operating again and things are looking up.
      I went and purchased a cheap Sound . Blaster 16PCI but had problem
      getting it to work with existing interface. Also it didn't have
      ability to swap from left to right audio channels and .. Well I just
      didn't like the way it was working. I have ordered a new SoundBoard
      but while playing with the 16PCI board I found the 4N25 Optic Coupler
      not switching. Guess the lightening got to it also! I have heard
      after others taking a surge and finding thins wrong for a while. I
      hope there are no more surprises, 4N25 and Sound Card on order.

      I am still trying to figure how the Surge Protector for the phone line
      saved the Modem but yet my sound board was taken out? I have good
      isolation with the interface. I opened up the surge protector, and it
      was very burnt!

      In a way I feel very fortunate that my IC746 ,TS 680 and TS130 were
      not damaged.
      Be back when everything is working again.

      Randy Tipton (Tip)
      WA5UFH EL19pa

      My Web Page
      WSJT Group

      Scriptures I would like to share with you:
      Heb 5:9; Acts 2:38; Rom 16:16: Eph 4: 1 - 7; John 17:20 - 23
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