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Re: [wsjtgroup] help for a rookie

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  • Andy obrien
    Glad you are making progress. . FYI (you may already know), in the Microham device router, you do not need to worry about separate comm ports for particular
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 28, 2010
      Glad you are making progress.  .  FYI (you may already know), in the Microham device router, you do not need to worry about separate comm ports for particular digital modes.  The comm ports that you use for voice will work , that is because the comm ports are just controlling the rig and PTT.  What you do need to focus on is the correct audio routing/switching  for the digital modes .  The "ACA" settings for example.  These settings allow you to choose things like routing the audio out via the mic jack or out via the accessory jack that many rigs have on the back.  This can also impact the PTT function also, because some applications allow PTT via a CAT command and some require a separate PTT command.  For example a setting I use for Multipsk, and works very well, will NOT work for WSJT.  I  get quite confused about all the audio routing options that Microham provides and the naming of the possible options (also the diagram!) .  With my limited brain power, all I know is that for my TS2000 and the Microkeyer,  a "FSK/Digital" setting of BBB correctly "PTTs" (with audio)  for  WSJT but not for Multipsk .  For multipsk I have to use CCC to get PTT and actual audio transmitted..  The best thing to do is find one that works for WSJT and create a "pre-set" for it.  Create separate pre-sets for other applications that requires different switching settings.

      On Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 7:44 PM, Tad Danley <tdanley@...> wrote:

      Tad Danley wrote:
      > I'm looking for some help getting started with FSK441 and/or JT6M on 6
      > meters. I have a microKEYER that I use for voice and cw contesting with
      > my IC-7700, and want to make sure I have the virtual com ports
      > configured properly in the USB device router before moving on to getting
      > the software configured.

      I downloaded WSJT7 and then:
      a) Set up the microHAM USB device router so that PTT is on Com 6 with
      RTS selected, and left the microHAM Audio Switching and Audio Mixer tabs
      configured the same way they work for N1MM and DXLabSuite
      b) Watched the first 3 YouTube videos on JT6M by G7CNF and followed his
      instructions for configuring the Setup in the main WSJT window and the
      Options in SpecJT

      At this point I can generate JT6M tones!

      Is there anyone in the central Texas area I can set a sked with on 6 to
      see if I can receive/decode properly? I'm in EM10 and have a modest
      antenna - a Par Omniangle at 20' (I'm in a deed restricted neighborhood.

      Thanks in advance and 73!

      Tad Danley, K3TD

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