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11/08/03 Random Hour Summary

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  • bbrackin@bellsouth.net
    Dick summed it up: Best random hour ever . I d agree. Lots of folks lighting them up and best rocks I ve seen for and RH thus far. Hope to see many
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 14, 2003
      Dick summed it up: "Best random hour ever". I'd agree. Lots of
      folks "lighting them up" and best rocks I've seen for and RH thus
      far. Hope to see many tomorrow. - Bruce, KD5IUG

      11/08/03 Random Hour
      Station 2m
      W5UWB - Heard W5SNX, KM5PO and WA5UFH
      N3FZ - Heard KM5PO, AF4O, KD5IUG,W5SNX, KC5OAO and VE1RG
      called CQ to SW last part - no takers
      WA3LTB - Heard and tried KM5PO and AF4O
      W5SNX - Worked K1JT and tried KM5PO
      AF4O - Worked K1JT and heard partial from WB2SIH calling
      KC5OAO - Heard WA3LTB, W5SNX, WB2FKO and KD5IUG
      WB2FKO - Worked WA5UFH and heard KE7NR
      WA5UFH - Worked WB2FKO and KE7NR. Heard W5SNX
      KM5PO - Heard W5SNX and WA3LTB
      KD5IUG - Heard W5SNX, K1JT, WA3LTB, KM5PO and WB2FKO

      Station 6m
      W5SNX - Worked K2AXX, K1JT, N5OSK and WA5UFH. Heard KD5IUG
      and N5OSK calling Joe
      AF4O - Heard K2AXX, NJ0U, KC5OAO and WA5UFH
      NJ0U - Worked KC5OAO and K1JT. Heard N5OSK and W5SNX
      KC5OAO - Worked KD5IUG and NJ0U. Heard WA5UFH, W5SNX and KE7NR
      AA9MY - Worked K1JT. Heard K2AXX, W5SNX, NJ0U(b/s), KC5OAO, N5OSK,
      WA5UFH and KD5IUG
      WA5UFH - Worked KD5IUG and W5SNX. Heard KC5OAO, N5OSK, KE7NR and AF4O
      KM5PO - KC5OAO, KD5IUG, W5SNX, WA5UFH and K2AXX - No tx on 6m due
      to interface problem
      KD5IUG - Worked KC5OAO (b/s), WA5UFH, K1JT and K2AXX. Heard W5SNX
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