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Re: [wsjtgroup] Random Hour or lack thereof

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  • Bill W5WVO
    Hi Sebastian, I remember you from when you were on previously. Glad to have you back. I m chasing the 6-meter FFMA award and have no 2-meter antennas up
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 3, 2010
      Hi Sebastian,
      I remember you from when you were on previously. Glad to have you back.
      I'm chasing the 6-meter FFMA award and have no 2-meter antennas up anyway, so my use of meteor scatter is, for the time, restricted to 6 meters by choice. It's true that you can work farther on 6m using other propagation modalities, but being able to work SHORTER is a real advantage when it comes to working those close-in grid squares for VUCC/FFMA credit that are too far for troposcatter and too close for sporadic-E. I've worked probably twenty grids on WSJT meteor scatter that I wouldn't otherwise have because of path distance, plus another twenty that I could have worked on sporadic-E, if only there had been a sporadic-E opening to that grid at that time. Meteors are always there, while sporadic-E is, well, sporadic. :-)
      Regarding PJ -- I feel your pain (as does everybody else who uses it). Yes, it is slow, and no, I don't know why -- but my guess is that the cgi script that drives it could be improved. (Or maybe it is just on a slow server, like you speculated.) That's about as far as I can comment on it, because I really don't have any more information on it than you do. One trick that does speed things up a little is to click on the REFRESH link repeatedly (not the browser's Refresh, but PJ's) after posting something that needs a response. Don't wait for the default update, which I think is at least 60 seconds.
      Anyway, we will look forward to having you back on the rocks, Sebastian.
      Bill W5WVO
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      From: Sebastian
      Sent: Sunday, January 03, 2010 3:02 PM
      Subject: Re: [wsjtgroup] Random Hour or lack thereof


      OK stop talking about me :-)

      I'm in Miami Florida and I was on PJ several months ago.  It was fun.  Why did I stop?  I had serious issues with my 2 meter antenna.  I guess I was dyslexic when I first put together the antenna.  While the director was in the right place (that's not hard is it), the rest of the elements were pointed the wrong way!  No wonder I couldn't hear anyone, although some claim to have heard me!

      That antenna is being replaced with a new M2 antenna (I have glasses now), and it should be going up later this month.  That will get me back on 2 meter SSB (with a preamp this time), and I plan to be back on MS.  I also worked a few stations on 6 meter MS, but that wasn't too thrilling, since I can work farther than that on Es; and the band was open while I was on PJ.  I have someone who is converting an SB-220 for me for 6 meters, so I'll have 1kw on there whenever I get it back.

      As far as RH - well that's just too early for old guys like me.  Plus I don't have much experience on MS, and being that my antenna was pretty much a wet noodle, I temporarily exited MS.  Although I understand why it's scheduled early in the morning.

      As far as PJ; this is just an observation, not a complaint; but why is it soooo slow?  Is there anything the community can do (such as helping pay the cost) to upgrade the server(s), if that is the issue?  I'm so used to fast internet connections, and when I would post on PJ, it seems to take an eternity.  I've seen hamspots; is that an alternative, or a upgrade to PJ, or do they have nothing in common?

      Hope to see you guys later this month.  If someone is around Miami, I could use a hand putting up the antennas on my 25G.  I'm disabled so I can't climb.  I've asked the locals but haven't received any offers.

      73 de W4AS, EL95

      On Jan 2, 2010, at 4:38 PM, Bill W5WVO wrote:

      First, I have to concur with Tip's observation about east coast WSJT/MS HSMS activity being nearly non-existent. I don't know why it happened -- there were more east coasters on PJ even just two years ago when I first started WSJT than there are now. Of course, I can't work them anyway due to distance, but it is strange that there is such a dearth of activity there when it used to be such a rich field. We should think about this and research it a little, if possible. Get back in contact with some of those guys and find out what turned them off.
      Second, as regards RH. I have to cowboy up and confess that I tend to favor making scheduled QSOs over operating random, so perhaps my thoughts might have some bearing. (This said, I made 24 random contacts in the recent contest, so I do know how to do it.)

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