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  • Peter Frenning [OZ1PIF]
    ... Hi Joe, Anything else you ve kept secret? (I would just love a .deb of a recent WSPR) :-) Otherwise great news, I ve been running older versions of WSJT
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 27, 2009
      Joe Taylor skrev:
      > Hi Chris,
      > Yes, I happen to have made a .deb file that will install
      > WSJT 7.04 r1313 on Ubuntu 9.04. I made it last August as a
      > learning tool; I had never made a .deb installation package
      > before. It seems to work fine, and you can download it from
      > http://physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/K1JT/wsjt_7.04r1313_i386.deb
      > In the directory where you have saved the .deb file, you
      > should then execute the following command:
      > $ sudo dpkg --instdir=. -i wsjt_7.04r1311_i386.deb
      > You might see messages about missing packages. If so, use
      > the Synaptic Package Manager to install them, and then
      > re-execute the above command. On a clean installation of
      > *ubuntu 9.04 you will probably need to pre-install these
      > packages:
      > python-numpy
      > python-tk
      > python-imaging-tk
      > libsamplerate0
      > You can install these with apt-get or with the Synaptic
      > Package Manager (or another tool of your choice... there are
      > many).
      > To start WSJT, enter the commends
      > $ cd WSJT_DEB
      > $ ./wsjt
      > Please let me know if this installation works well for you.
      > As mentioned above, I'm no expert at making these Debian
      > packages.
      > -- 73 Joe, K1JT
      Hi Joe,
      Anything else you've kept secret? (I would just love a .deb of a recent
      WSPR) :-)
      Otherwise great news, I've been running older versions of WSJT and WSPR
      compiled by Eddie, G3ZJO, until now.

      Installing your .deb package was a breeze, I took the easy way out:
      downloaded it to my desktop; double-clicked the file and the rest goes
      (almost) automagically. It installs in /WSJT_DEB (maybe a better place
      would be /user/WSJT_DEB)
      I've been running it for several hours on Ubuntu 9.04 in JT65A and B
      plus FSK441 modes without any mishaps, except for this message when exiting:
      Audio streams terminated normally.
      ./wsjt: line 1: 6406 Segmentation fault LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./lib
      python -O wsjt.py

      I've also created a small script along the lines of:
      cd /WSJT_DEB
      made it executable, and calling it from a shortcut on my desktop (you
      can even make it display the traditional wsjt icon) - normally I don't
      care about the terminal messages!

      Please, please do make these .deb packages in the future for your
      programs, I shall be more than happy to test WSJT and WSPR on the
      current versions of Ubuntu and whatever alfas or betas that might be
      available at the time.

      Vy 73 de OZ1PIF/5Q2M, Peter

      ** Armageddon was yesterday. **
      ** Today we have a really **
      ** serious problem! **
      ** (Lisbeth Salander's T-Shirt) **
      email: peter(no-spam filler)@...
      Ph. +45 4619 3239
      Peter Frenning
      Ternevej 23
      DK-4130 Viby Sj.
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