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Results, April 2009 WSJT Sprint

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  • Bill W5WVO
    Results, Apriil 2009 WSJT Sprint ========================= March Sprint by the numbers: Top score: Bob K2DRH, 17,497 miles Top score, EAST, 6m Only: Bob K2DRH,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2009
      Results, Apriil 2009 WSJT Sprint

      March Sprint by the numbers:

      Top score: Bob K2DRH, 17,497 miles
      Top score, EAST, 6m Only: Bob K2DRH, 17,497
      Top score, WEST, 6m Only: Bill W5WVO, 13,140
      Top score, EAST, Combined: Tip WA5UFH, 12,954
      Top score, WEST, Combined: Jim KS7S, 9,648

      Best DX Bonus (750 points): Bob K2DRH and Jer VE6CPP, 1,218 miles

      Number of logs received: 14 (down from 19 in Mar)
      Number of calls reported as worked: 31 (down from 42 in Mar)
      Total QSOs reported: 88 (down from 125 in Feb)

      Once again, the number of entries decreased compared to last month. Unlike last
      month, though, every other activity metric was down as well. There was clearly
      less activity in this Sprint, and even fewer participants chose to send in
      scores. This is the last Sprint for Spring 2009, and may be the last one,

      The main scoring change -- giving double points for unassisted or "random"
      QSOs -- turned out to be a mixed bag. The inevitable confusion about what was
      assisted versus unassisted was plainly present. This idea needs further

      2 Meters Only Class -- No entries.

      6 Meters Only Class -- 12 entries

      Once again, Bob K2DRH took overall top honors (as well as the East division of
      the 6-meter group) with a score of 17,497 points, which includes a 750-point
      bonus for Bob's Best DX QSO with Jer VE6CPP. Coming in a close second in the
      East (and overall) was first-time entrant Todd WDØT out of Pierre, South Dakota,
      with 14,873 points.

      In the West, Bill W5WVO finished with 13,140 points, with Barry VE3CDX/W7 second
      with 9,810 points.

      K2DRH 12 17,497 -- #1 score overall and in East, plus best DX with VE6CPP
      WDØT 12 14,873 -- #2 score overall and in East
      W5WVO 12 13,140 -- #1 score in West
      VE3CDX/W7 8 9,810 -- #2 score in West
      WØIOH 5 5,870
      W9SE 5 4,143
      W3RGA 4 3,078
      VE6CPP 2 2,666 -- Best DX with K2DRH
      KC6ZWT 2 2,344
      VE7DXG 4 2,132
      WB3BEL 3 1,988
      KD7UO 3 468

      Combined Class (2m + 6m) -- 2 entries

      Only two Combined entries this month, one in the East and one in the West. Tip
      WA5UFH scored 12,954 points in the East, while Jim KS7S scored 9,648 points in
      the West.

      WA5UFH 7 12,954
      KS7S 7 9,648


      Tip WA5UFH: Well, I enjoyed staying in the Random mode however we did make fewer
      contacts than possible had we been running pj. Contacts are faster when
      operating random if a large pool of stations to pick from. I heard random and
      failed to work K5LA, W4SO, KE7NR and W5UWB. I liked the new rules; we got on PJ
      once for about 10 minutes and didn't have any takers for sked so went back to
      random. Thanks Bill for creating the 4 annual sprints, look forward to them next

      Todd WDØT: Operated from 8:00 AM CDT to 11:59AM CDT, lots of VERY good
      propagation in the middle hours from just before 1500 UTC to after 1600 UTC..
      Great signals from many stations. My first time in this contest, took a while to
      get used to the operation. Loudest and longest burns to Bob, K2DRH, but W5WVO,
      KS7S, and others were very close. I saw W9SE and a few others over 12 db out of
      the noise! Lots of FUN, thanks to you all for the contacts and see you

      Pat W3RGA:
      I made some station improvements since the last sprint in hopes of a better
      score but it went down. Old 2el replaced with a new 3el and a 400w amp was
      added. Activity seamed lower to me and I didn't see many if any new calls on PJ
      plus a few regulars I can work easily where absent. But was still a good way to
      waste a Sat morning.

      Bob K2DRH: Here is the latest and final spring sprint. This one was really
      weird. There was a lot of activity at first and unassisted randoms were
      plentiful the first hour or so. Then everything just seemed to just dry up...

      Gabor VE7DXG:
      I was portable at 2000' with 6m only, using a 5ele Yagi on a 12' mast and 150W
      running off an RV battery. I called CQ U7 on 50.260 from 6AM to 8AM on FSK and
      JT6M. Only KU7Z answered my CQ on 50.267 and we quickly completed with nice
      burns. I also worked the other three local stations that were around. I did not
      copy anyone else. It's nice to know that the /P WSJT setup is still operational,
      looking forward to some expeditioning this summer.

      John W9SE: Thanks for organizing this activity. Was great fun and already
      looking forward to next year. Now I will concentrate on 6 meter DX.

      Jim KS7S: My first hour of activity (1130-1230Z) was great - all contacts but
      WD0T were made in that hour. It seems like many western stations get on early
      to take advantage of the better rocks, then the Midwest stations are looking for
      contacts towards the end of the Sprint period and our four-hour window is
      already completed. I took an hour out in the middle to do 2M EME and worked
      K9MRI - came back and called Todd for my longest contact at 1043 miles. Too bad
      all the hours can't be like the first was, but I usually run out of workable
      stations here very quickly anyway. Thanks all for the Q's and thanks to Bill
      for handling the "paperwork!"
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