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A note on "assisted" vs "unassisted" Sprint contacts

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  • Bill W5WVO
    Some discussion and controversy has come up regarding this issue. I m going to solve this problem for the Sprint just ended, recognizing full well that the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2009
      Some discussion and controversy has come up regarding this issue. I'm going to "solve" this problem for the Sprint just ended, recognizing full well that the principles on which I base my solution may differ from others'.
      Here's an example of a situation that could be confusing:
      I'm working W1ABC on sked (PJ-assisted) on 50155. K9DOG sees the sked setup conversation on PJ and tunes to the frequency, hoping to catch me when I finish. He hears me finish with W1ABC and tail-ends me. A QSO results and is logged by me and by K9DOG.
      Is it an assisted QSO or an unassisted QSO? The answer is: It is both.
      (1) I have no way of knowing how K9DOG found my QSO in progress. All I know is that I did nothing to assist myself in obtaining that QSO that resulted from his tail-ending me. For me, the QSO is unassisted, and I take the x2 multiplier.
      (2) On the other hand, K9DOG knows that he located me by using PJ, so he must do the right thing and call his resulting QSO with me an assisted QSO.
      In short, you ask yourself this question: Did I SEEK AND OBTAIN ASSISTANCE in getting this QSO? Both must be true to require you to take assisted status for the Q. And what then is "assistance"? It is CONSEQUENTIAL INFORMATION obtained by YOU, without which the QSO might not have taken place.
      Being on PJ and reading it is tantamount to seeking assistance, even if you aren't looking for a specific station. If you're reading PJ and you see CONSEQUENTIAL INFORMATION (callsign, frequency, sequence, etc.) about a station that you then work as a result of obtaining that information, you must call it an assisted QSO, even if you weren't deliberately looking for information about that station.
      On the other hand, suppose you (let's say you are W1ABC) are calling CQ U7 on the calling frequency, and K9DOG announces on PJ, "W1ABC is calling CQ U7 on 50260 beaming west, 2nd sequence." (Do NOT do this during a contest; it is completely inappropriate.) Somebody who saw K9DOG's spot then calls you and a QSO results. Even though you noticed K9DOG's spot on PJ, and the station who worked you as a result must take assisted QSO status, nothing YOU did or saw was consequential in any way -- in other words, the same QSO would have resulted whether you had seen the inappropriate spot or not. Therefore, there was no assistance sought by and obtained by you, and you can therefore take this as an unassisted QSO and the x2 multiplier.
      This might seem complicated, but it is really just common sense.
      If anyone who has already sent me their score wants to change something in light of this interpretation, please let me know the particulars. Thanks.
      Bill W5WVO
      Spring Sprint Coordinator
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