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Re: [wsjtgroup] Still no PTT with WSJT

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  • wbr/wf4r
    I don t believe that RigTalk supports CAT PTT, But I could be wrong. Secondly, why not use VOX? That way when the WSJT program starts to send the tone
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 23, 2009
      I don't believe that "RigTalk" supports CAT PTT,  But I could be wrong.  Secondly,  why not use VOX?  That way when the WSJT program starts to send the tone sequence your radio will key transmit on.

      73, Bill, wf4r

      Amateur Radio WF4R (FM16ts)
      Chesapeake, VA

      Apr 23, 2009 05:35:45 PM, mmarx@... wrote:

      Hi Folks,

      I`m having this problem since I have my "Rigtalk" interface.

      I can`t get WSJT 6.0 making PTT.
      All other programs can,. but not WSJT.
      Rigtalk serial emulator is installed at com 1,...also installed in WSJT,..no PTT on set. All other programs make PTT with this port installed.
      I tried another PC,...all programs work,..but no PTT with WSJT.

      All I want is PTT via CAT command,...no PTT using a transistor to ground.

      Frank, de PA2MRX

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