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RE: [wsjtgroup] Notebook Computers!

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  • Dr. Dana-Renee Lee PhD
    Set your priorities and go from there. It is ALL UP TO YOU !!!!!!! ... From: wsjtgroup@yahoogroups.com [mailto:wsjtgroup@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Al
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      Set your priorities and go from there.  It is ALL UP TO YOU !!!!!!!
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      Hello All:
      The question that I was asked was referring to the Atom processor. (not Celeron)
      My battery life with the HD is a 4 hours and 15 minutes with a full charge. I have not timed it, but that is what the screen tells me. I doubt it really lasts that long - especially with the screen illuminated.
      If you are going to encumber your NETbook with memory sticks and the like, you might as well get the HD. That way if you want to upgrade to XP pro, you will be able to do it. I don't know if you noticed, but it also has a slot for the SD memory (it acts as a drive).
      It only has one internal slot for memory, so I removed the 1gb and replaced it with 2gb.
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      Dear Gang!   
      I did go over to best buy today and look at some of the mini net notbook computers today.
      Mostly a kick the tires visit.  I left my credit card and check book at home.   There were
      Asus eeepc900's  (the one without the hard disk but did have windows XP home)  The
      solid state hard disk was only 16GB which seems like a lot but with the software load
      they give you there was only about 10gb left.   Battery life was only about 3 hours on any
      of the three.  A couple of stick drives and you could have more than enough space. 
      There was a nicer HP one that had a better display screen.  but it also was about $70
      more.  The Asus eeepc900's had celeron processors but the HP had an atom. 
      Think I will sit on my hands a bit and save up my money.   I would still like a 6M linear
      and some other stuff and all of it costs more money these days.  
      73 Dave
      David R. Hassall WA5DJJ
      Email: dhassall@zianet. com
      Website: http://www.zianet. com/dhassall/

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