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Results, March 2009 WSJT Sprint

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  • Bill W5WVO
    Results, March 2009 WSJT Sprint ========================= March Sprint by the numbers: Top score, 2m Only: Mike WB2FKO, 2,393 miles Top score, 6m Only: Bob
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      Results, March 2009 WSJT Sprint

      March Sprint by the numbers:

      Top score, 2m Only: Mike WB2FKO, 2,393 miles
      Top score, 6m Only: Bob K2DRH, 16,409 miles
      Top score, Combined: Tip WA5UFH, 10,870 miles
      Top score, all classes: Bob K2DRH, 16,409 miles

      Most Qs, 2m Only: Mike WB2FKO, 3 Qs
      Most Qs, 6m Only: Bob K2DRH, 22 Qs
      Most Qs, Combined: Tip WA5UFH, 13 Qs
      Most Qs, all classes: Bob K2DRH, 22 Qs

      Best DX, 2m Only: Mike WB2FKO (with NØPB, no entry), 851 miles
      Best DX, 6m Only: Bob K2DRH and Jim W6OUU, 1,240 miles
      Best DX, Combined: Tip WA5UFH (with Don KE7NR, no entry), 962 miles
      Best DX, all classes: Bob K2DRH and Jim W6OUU, 1,240 miles

      Number of logs received: 19 (down from 27 in Feb)
      Number of calls reported as worked: 42 (up from 36 in Feb)
      Total QSOs reported: 125 (down from 137 in Feb)
      Total of all scores reported: 65,980 (up from 42,212 in Feb)
      Average score per entry: 4,738 (up from 3,500 in Feb)
      Average distance per QSO: 720 (up from 690 in Feb)

      While the number of log entries was sharply down, almost every other parameter
      of activity was UP! Activity overall was higher than in February, but with
      more stations who made points declining to send in a log.

      2 Meters Only Class -- 2 entries

      Only two 2-meter entries this month, and Mike WB2FKO (3 Qs, 2,393 miles)
      easily took top honors. Dan VE2DSB had 1 Q at 271 miles.

      WB2FKO 3 2393
      VE2DSB 1 271

      6 Meters Only Class -- 13 entries

      After finishing a humiliating second to yours truly (Bill W5WVO) last month
      :-), Bob K2DRH blew away the 6-meter field with a winning score of 16,409
      miles on 22 Qs. WVO (14 Qs, 9,990 miles) barely squeaked past John W5UWB (11
      Qs, 9,865 miles) to take second place. DRH and Jim W6OUU also had the best DX
      of the morning with their 1,240-mile Q.

      K2DRH 22 16,409
      W5WVO 14 9,990
      W5UWB 11 9,865
      N3LL 8 7,679
      W9SE 7 4,862
      W6OUU 4,578
      W3RGA 5 3,355
      KØRDF 3 2,367
      KD7UO 6 2,326
      VE3CDX/W7 3 1,919
      AJ8P 3 1,167
      WB3BEL 1 735
      KA3BPN 1 728

      Combined Class (2m + 6m) -- 4 entries

      Once again, Tip WA5UFH easily outpaced the competition in this category,
      scoring a top 10,870 miles on 13 Qs, nearly an identical performance to last
      month's 11,044 miles on 13 Qs. Talk about consistency! Jim KS7S narrowly took
      second place in Combined with 4,164 miles on 7 Qs.

      WA5UFH 13 10,870
      KS7S 7 4,164
      N8RA 5 3,660
      KC6ZWT 4 2,691


      Tip WA5UFH: Ok same number of Qs but some different stations worked. Made a
      few contacts from calling CQ. Got a few requests from guys wanting to include
      222MHz into the Sprints via email. Might be good to include 222MHz to promote
      activity and encourage others. Hoping for better conditions in April for two
      meters operators.

      John W5UWB: I mentioned to Tip that perhaps we could include 222? I was hoping
      that it might encourage more gents to try our "forgotten" band! You could also
      think about giving a mileage multiplier of 2 for any 222 QSO's. Pings on 222
      are much shorter than 144 and it is harder to complete up there. Needless to
      say I have completed with N0PB when he was running less than 15w - took a few
      tries and a lot of luck!! Running here Flex-Radio 5000A, pr. of 3cx800 and 6
      el at 65' on 6M today.

      Chet N8RA: It was good to back on with WSJT after a long absence due to taking
      care of an elder parent, and then rotator problems. I really liked the
      free-for-all nature of this contest. This was an excellent excuse for
      reconfiguring the station for VHF after doing a few HF contests here earlier
      this year. 2M was quite dead, I heard a nibble to my CQ's there at one point,
      but did not get enough pings after that to even catch the call. Heard more
      than I could worked on 6M- seemed like lots of activity there.

      Dan VE2DSB: A very dry rock's sprint here in FN35, only one QSO done. Let hope
      in april with new shower it will be better on 2 meter. Heard WE9Y and try to
      call him with no success.

      Jim W6OUU: Conditions were not good for me. N/S path was off. E/W seemed to
      be a little better. We need to score this thing by time zone like the WSJT
      contests for obvious reasons. No way will a station in the west ever have a
      chance to win without scoring by time zone. Do the math. Nice to see the


      Harry WB3BEL: These sprints seem much harder to work randoms. I operated the
      Feb sprint all four hours and worked no one. At least in the March session I
      worked a station so I could submit a log. Things are looking up!

      Al WA4EWV: I heard VE2DSB at 12:05Z sending TX1 with both of our calls. I sent
      TX2 until 12:30. During that time I heard / saw ZERO pings. I stopped and QRT.
      The weather was really bad, and I lowered the antennas to prevent damage from
      the high winds and hard rain. As I type (April 1) the third frontal system has
      finally passed. Lots of rain and wind!

      Jim KS7S: Activity down this month, at least in this part of the world,
      resulting in about 1300 fewer points. As I stated last month, I do not care
      for the format of this activity - it is just a "schedule-fest" which I can do
      Monday through Friday of any week. Hardly anybody calls CQ on the calling
      frequencies, and you can't tail end anyone because they have moved off to
      their next arranged contact before they hear you calling. I would much prefer
      a more "random hour-like" activity, possibly akin to an unassisted NAHSMS
      contest-like activity, perhaps with some consideration given to those living
      in the meteor scatter Black Hole west of 110°W longitude. OK, enough bitchin - thanks to Bill for organizing and handling the reporting of this event.

      Barry VE3CDX/W7:
      By no means a killer score. I did hear N0PB, KD7UO and K5LA as well as others
      BUT the big issue was they were obviously running skeds and didn't stay on the
      frequency after. I stayed pretty much on .260 calling CQ without any takers
      except those noted above. I know the rules say using PJ is allowed but what I
      missed I guess is the notice saying the use of PJ is mandatory if you want to
      work as many stations as possible. As I said I found very very few stations
      calling CQ - at least stations within my MS range. I didn't try to make any
      skeds on PJ by the way so perhaps that is my undoing. As you are well aware
      there is not the activity level in this part of the country as there is in the
      Midwest and eastern areas. This creates a huge imbalance in terms of scores.
      Not unlike any of the major VHF/UHF contests. Perhaps to level the playing a
      bit would be to break the scores down by time zone as is done in the NAHSMS
      contest. That way at least stations are competing on a more equal basis. And
      perhaps have a small multiplier for random contacts as opposed to those made
      by skeds. Turn the sprint into a true sprint rather than a sked contest.

      COMMENT from W5WVO: As most of you know -- at least those of you who belong to
      the WSJT Yahoo! group -- I have proposed some scoring changes that will,
      barring outraged outcries from the group, address Jim's and Barry's concerns
      in the April Sprint -- plus a wrinkle or two of my own.
    • Rik Doll
      Just an observation. I didn t see any reference to power associated with the results of the Sprint. Since we are a weak signal oriented group, why not list
      Message 2 of 2 , Apr 6, 2009
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        Just an observation. I didn't see any reference to power associated
        with the results of the Sprint. Since we are a weak signal oriented
        group, why not list the results as "miles/milli-watt". Has a nice ring
        to it..
        Rik, KU4PY
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