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Monthly Sprints

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  • wa3ltb@juno.com
    Hello All, Here are my thoughts on the Sprints:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2009
      Hello All,
         Here are my thoughts on the Sprints:
      <<<<<(1) Assisted vs random and the scoring method (distance) used in the Sprint. I lump these two things together because my idea for these Sprints was to encourage making longer-distance contacts wherever possible. And since long-distance QSOs are arguably more difficult to get going when operation is restricted to random only, I felt making the contest "open" with respect to PJ would facilitate making longer DX contacts (and hence higher scores).
        I like the sprints the way it is now configured.....Allowing Assisted contacts,and use of all WSJT modes except for EME contacts and using the qso mileage for the score.
      <<<<(2) Whether the Sprint should be an integral part of Saturday morning RH, or not. The answer from my perspective is that the Sprint REPLACES the RH activity period on those Saturdays when it is run. In other words, it's a separate thing from RH. But I know a few people apparently don't like this approach, so let's talk about it.
           I believe replacing the Random Hour sessions on the days of the Sprints is the way to go, allowing stations to concentrate on qso's whether Random or Assisted.  I do wonder whether the 4 hrs allowed is a big enough time window or should Sunday morning be possibly added and allow the 4 hours to be used over the 2 days.  This might allow more time to play but may also backfire and reduce activity?  Just food for thought.   I like it just the way it is now with no complaints!

      73's Terry...WA3LTB
      Lake CIty, PA.  EN92ta

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