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Re: [wsjtgroup] February 2009 Sprint Post-Mortem

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  • Randy Tipton
    Thanks Bill for all you have done to get the Sprints going. Guy the WSJTGROUP webpages are updated to accommodate the Sprints. (Make sure you hit the Refresh
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 7, 2009

      Thanks Bill for all you have done to get the Sprints going. Guy the WSJTGROUP webpages are updated to accommodate the Sprints. (Make sure you hit the "Refresh" button if needed.)
      My comments:
      1. I like the distance scoring and found it easy to make contacts via the PJ. Stations who have both bands can be worked back to back, presto easy. Longer distance contacts I suppose are possible if one takes the time to focus on them but this is not the best time of year for longhaul ms. Thus I believe if a higher score is desired, stations should focus on number worked vs. distant stations.

      If another category was made for Random Operators I suppose contacts would be faster than via PJ schedules  however it would divide the number of operators which is a negative effect.  I am happy with whatever the group decides.
      2. On this issue of should the Sprint be a part of Random Hour or not... Consider this, during a year there are 100 RH Saturday sessions counting both Sunday & Saturday vs. only 4 Saturday Sprints for the year. As much as I love working random hour activity periods, I believe the balance is good. The Sprint was fun and a good change!
      We didn't communicate as you stated and Jim noted that RH was canceled during the Sprints. This all came about quickly and had a short fuse thus that was not communicated an my error. The WebPage for RH now clearly shows no RH during Sprints.
      I believe the smart thing to do is listen on .140 or .260 when not attempting a contact during the Sprint to pick up additional miles.
      my two cents...
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      First, a plea: PLEASE direct your comments on this thread to the whole list, not just to me personally. While I appreciate knowing your opinion, sending to me privately does nothing to facilitate an open discussion.
      I think we particularly need to discuss:
      (1) Assisted vs random and the scoring method (distance) used in the Sprint. I lump these two things together because my idea for these Sprints was to encourage making longer-distance contacts wherever possible. And since long-distance QSOs are arguably more difficult to get going when operation is restricted to random only, I felt making the contest "open" with respect to PJ would facilitate making longer DX contacts (and hence higher scores).
      (2) Whether the Sprint should be an integral part of Saturday morning RH, or not. The answer from my perspective is that the Sprint REPLACES the RH activity period on those Saturdays when it is run. In other words, it's a separate thing from RH. But I know a few people apparently don't like this approach, so let's talk about it.
      Bill W5WVO
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      Subject: [wsjtgroup] February 2009 Sprint Post-Mortem

      Time to dissect the corpse of the February Sprint!
      Let's discuss what we liked about it, what we didn't like, what could be improved or changed for the better. This was a real simple format, and deliberately so. No attempts were made to "level the playing field" or to appeal to every interest or preference.
      There were several comments from participants, however, who clearly didn't like the"assisted" nature of this contest (i.e., using PJ to arrange contacts). Is this a popular sentiment, or a minority one? Let's discuss.
      Bill W5WVO

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