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Results, February 2009 WSJT Sprint

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  • Bill W5WVO
    Results, February 2009 WSJT Sprint ========================= 2 Meters Only Class -- 4 entries Al WA4EWV took the 2 Meters Only class with 6 Qs and 5,714 miles.
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2009
      Results, February 2009 WSJT Sprint

      2 Meters Only Class -- 4 entries

      Al WA4EWV took the 2 Meters Only class with 6 Qs and 5,714 miles. Al also had
      the longest DX of the Sprint, a 1,301-mile Q with Keith AB8CL in southwest
      Ohio. Second place in the 2 Meters Only class went to Terry WA3LTB with 2 Qs
      and 1,508 miles.

      6 Meters Only Class -- 14 entries

      Bill W5WVO narrowly bested perennial VHF contesting powerhouse Bob K2DRH (13
      Qs, 9,189 miles) to take the 6-meter only class with 16 Qs and 11,432 miles.
      John W9SE was third with an excellent effort of 10 Qs and 5,722 miles.

      Combined Class (2m + 6m) -- 9 entries

      Tip WA5UFH ran away with the Combined class top spot with 13 Qs and 11,044
      miles. Behind Tip, though, the Combined class was highly competitive, with
      eight scores ranging from 1,641 up through 2nd-place Ted W9NHE (6 Qs, 6,250


      Tip WA5UFH: Fun event, I planned to operate two meters only, but after making
      few six meter contacts I decided to run the Combined Category. Right after
      the Sprint, had a good eyeball qso with Barry VE3CDX.

      Dave WA5DJJ: I had fun... I heard more than I could talk to...got 1 new grid.

      Norm KC6ZWT: I saw quite a bit of chaos on the 6m calling freq!

      Paul K7CW: I forgot to set my alarm and got up too late... Will do better next

      Bruce KI7JA: I called for a long time on 6M, but I guess that everyone was
      pointed East. I did manage to work KU7Z in DN41... My power line noise was
      too high to do anything on 2M.

      Bob K2DRH: A lot of east coast regulars that I work all the time during random
      hour didn't show -- like W1IPL, KN4SM, N3CXV, KA3BPN, WE1H, WB3BEL to name a
      few. There seemed to be more out west for a change! Anyway ... it was fun and
      I will play again!

      Jim W6OUU: There seemed to be a lot of activity from the looks of the PJ users
      function. Not a lot of activity on .260/.140 as most were off on discreet QRG's
      running schedules. I don't think it did anything to help Random Hour. Not
      until towards the end of the Sprint did I start to see activity on the calling
      frequencies. If the Sprint and Random Hour are going to be run in conjunction
      with each other then I think the calling frequency should be used with the U/D
      method per normal Random Hour protocol, PJ can be used to acknowledge
      completion of a random contact per normal and to check who is on and what
      possible direction where there may be a chance of working someone. Only my
      opinion. Overall, I think it was a good Sprint and look forward to next month.
      Thanks for putting it together Bill. [Note: Tip decided just before the Sprint
      that it would be run INSTEAD OF Random Hour, not run in conjunction with it.
      This decision wasn't well-publicized. -W5WVO]

      Pat W3RGA: I Got up late but still enjoyed giving out some points to John and

      Terry WA3LTB: Congratulations on having a successful sprint,only wish it were
      saturday and sunday mornings both...hi..hi Only had limited time to operate
      this time around.

      Ted W9NHE: Had fun, could of did better, but was doing a lot of looking...

      Stan K7JIZ: Not much time for the sprint... Next time we'll play longer.
      Thanks for your QSO and the fun of Meteor Scatter.

      Bob KØRDF: Sunday we had snow storm here and condx were bad but tried a few
      contacts anyway... Not a good showing but can't fight mother nature.

      Jim KS7S: I had planned to start early (1200Z) because the rocks seem to be
      better early and the chance of my morning broadband noise problems being
      present would be less. Well, the activity was pretty sparse in the west at
      that time so decided to hold off until 1400Z to start. I worked the usual
      Saturday morning "suspects" for the most part. For me, I found that as soon
      as the event "deteriorated" into a "schedule-fest" instead of what I view as a
      contest, I lost interest pretty rapidly. I tried tail-ending several
      in-progress QSOs that I copied; however; it seemed that as soon as the desired
      station copied the hint of an RRR or 73 from the station he was working, he
      moved off to a new PJ-arranged schedule frequency. Not my "cup of tea" -
      guess I prefer the RH protocol better (although that has gone by the wayside
      to some extent lately too). But you can't deny that it generated a lot of
      interest and activity, which we all appreciated.

      Colin K4CML: At time for moonrise, I went to 432 and worked HB9Q for my first
      EME: unfortunately, he doesn't count.What a mileage that would be! Will try to
      do better next one...

      February Sprint by the numbers:

      Top score, 2m Only: Al WA4EWV, 5,714 miles
      Top score, 6m Only: Bill W5WVO, 11,432 miles
      Top score, Combined: Tip WA5UFH, 11,044 miles
      Top score, all classes: Bill W5WVO, 11,432 miles

      Most Qs, 2m Only: Al WA4EWV, 6 Qs
      Most Qs, 6m Only: Bill W5WVO, 16 Qs
      Most Qs, Combined: Tip WA5UFH, 7 Qs
      Most Qs, all classes: Bill W5WVO, 16 Qs

      Best DX, 2m Only: Al WA4EWV (with AB8CL, no entry), 1,301 miles
      Best DX, 6m Only: Bob K2DRH, 1,240 miles
      Best DX, Combined: Jim W6OUU, 1,240 miles
      Best DX, all classes: Al WA4EWV (with AB8CL, no entry), 1,301 miles

      Number of logs received: 27
      Unique calls reported as worked: 36
      Total QSOs reported: 137

      Full results spreadsheet will be forwarded to Tip and he will post it on his
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