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Contesting ... 2008 Geminids meteor shower

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  • Randy Tipton
    For some, this will be the first NAHMS (North American High Speed Meteor Scatter) contest scheduled since starting this madness. For others who have not had
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2008
      For some, this will be the first NAHMS (North American High Speed Meteor
      Scatter) contest scheduled since starting this madness. For others who
      have not had the opportunity or interest to operate the contest, I hope
      you will join in and help make this contest successful. The contest
      starts Dec 11 at 0000 UTC. If you haven't found or don't know where the
      rules are located go to http://www.ykc.com/wa5ufh/default.htm and find
      the link to the HSMS Contest Site.

      If you plan to operate the contest, you must decide if you will run
      Regular or Random Only. The Random Only Category is a little more
      difficult but QSO's receive additional points. I generally operate
      Random Only because I enjoy calling and answering CQ's plus I get a
      break from Ping Jockey. Stations starting off Random Only can always
      decide anytime during the contest to change to Regular. So I recommend
      starting off Random Only and change over if you're not satisfied or get
      bored without the green PJ screen.

      The Regular category operators can and should turn off the PJ
      occasionally and monitor the calling frequencies to increase their point
      total plus locate additional stations. You can expect to work more
      stations running Regular and each time zone has awards for Regular,
      Random Only and Rover categories. If you enjoy the Random Hour format
      you might consider random only.

      For all stations the required exchange is your grid square. The standard
      report of 26 or 27 report are not used. I suggest you enter your grid in
      the "Rpt" pane or go to <Options> and select the radio button "Grid"
      instead of "Report". Only use the first four characters of your grid!

      When calling CQ use the "Offset Method" on the designated calling
      frequencies of 144.140 or 50.260 MHz. Since random contacts will be
      occurring during a time of heavy band usage you probably will be better
      off using the Appended Messages for TX3 - TX5 messages especially if you
      are hearing other pings on the frequency. For the scheduled Random Hour
      Sessions during the contest period, operating simplex is acceptable for the
      RH time period.

      For those operating Random Only here is a good way to make back-to
      -back contacts. If you know a stations is active on both bands use the
      "QSY" procedure to move that station from Band A to B. This is the
      best way to ensure contact with him instead of hoping to hear his CQ
      later on the other band.

      For stations operating in the Rover Category I strongly recommend making
      several postings to the group prior to the contest start; especially if
      you will be operating without PJ. By doing this other stations will
      know of your plans. The rules allow for two entry logs if you operate
      Rover. This promotes those who have the ability to set-up rover
      operations in rare grids etc. plus to operate as regular of random only.

      The NAHSMS contests have been scaled back to only the winter event. With
      the huge influx of new operators and new interest we should "bust" all the
      old records. Many in the past have operated the contest and not
      submitted a contest log. I don't know the reasons and 100% log submission
      will never be achieved or expected. However we should have many more
      contest logs
      submitted. Contest logs are a Key Indication of whether the contest was a
      success or failure. They are used as feedback for the contest managers
      as they use data for decisions on future events. So turn in a log!

      Now is the time to make preparations. I have known of stations actually
      scheduling vacations for the NAHSMS contests! Now is the time to make
      station improvements and add that second band. Hope to see you all in
      the contest. Become familiar with the rules, mark the calendar. No doubt
      there are many other tips and suggestions which should be shared? What are
      your plans?

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