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Sunday Morning Random Hour Report - 26 Oct 08

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  • Jim, KS7S
    Thanks to the two other stations that submitted reports. We re just getting started so hopefully this will grow over time. I sure would appreciate some other
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2008

      Thanks to the two other stations that submitted reports.  We're just getting started so hopefully this will grow over time. I sure would appreciate some other reports from the stations in the midwest/east – this is not a “west-only” event!  The use of the messages to convey information other than reports, as Chet mentioned below, is a good way to request a QSY or mode change, or to coordinate with a portable station without Internet access (as W6OUU and I did this Sunday).


      RH Report for Sunday, 26 October 2008:




      WA5DJJ:    WRK: KS7S, VE3CDX/W7


      N8RA:        WRK: N9SS, N5SIX, W8TZ

                      HRD: KC0HLN


      KS7S:        WRK: VE3CDX/W7, KS7MS, K0RI, WA5DJJ, W5WVO, W6OUU (FSK441 & JT6M), K7JIZ, KE7NR, KU7Z

      (DM51)      CNR: W7DHH




      N8RA:        WRK: N9SS





      WA5DJJ: "I had a meteor hit me when working KS7S that was over 12 seconds long with almost pure white screen with the blue signal strength line up in the middle...INCREDIBLE!!."


      N8RA: “At the end of the 6M contact with N9SS, it was neat to copy his "QSY 2M" and then work him there right away.”


      KS7S: “Made a scouting trip last Friday looking for a paved road access location in DM51, as close to home as possible. This site sits on a ridge with gentle falloff of terrain in all the prime directions (NW to E).  Decided to try and be up and running for beginning of Sunday Random Hour (0500 local).  As this site is only about a half-hour drive from home, that was not too difficult to accomplish.  The use of the receiver hitch mast holder, EMT mast, and simple reassembly of the Cushcraft 3-el yagi made setup less than a 30 minute effort.  I had hoped to have Internet access through my Sprint broadband card, but was on the fringe of reception.  After getting set up, I heard VE3CDX working WA5DJJ so seemed like all was working.  Signals were huge from all stations – K7JIZ was the toughest, but we always seem to have a tough time.  The trip was a success as a shakeout for the solo grid expedition setup.” 


      Keep those reports coming to ks7s@...


      Remember, Sunday Random Hour runs from 5AM-9AM local time, both bands simultaneously - "pick your poison" and have fun!


      'Til next time - Jim KS7S





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