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6/7/03 Random Hour Summary

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  • Bruce Brackin
    Here is what we received this week. Many thanks to those that sent reports! Still no a high completion rate! As Tip said in his note he posted to Brian,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 13, 2003
      Here is what we received this week.  Many thanks to those that sent reports!  Still no a "high" completion rate!  As Tip said in his note he posted to Brian, KC7OTV, and the group, we are glad to see the the mountain and west coast group piping in - keep up the good work.
      Stations - 2 Meters
      K4FJW (EM86)  - heard W5SNX (on b/s & tropo), KC5OAO
      KB1CJ (FN42)  - nothing heard (CQ'ed D8)
      K5CZD (EM32)  - heard and contact with W5SNX
      WA5UFH (EL19) - heard KC5CZD and NJ7A (1st RH report on NJ7A I think)
      KC7OTV (CN84) - called and nothing heard 
      KA5DWI (EM12) - monitored only and heard W5SNX
      Stations - 6 Meters
      K4FJW  - worked KC5OAO, heard KD5IUG/M, W5SNX b/s - band opened
      KB1CJ  - nothing heard (CQ'ed D8)
      WA5UFH - Band opened, head via Es and got decodes on K4FJW, W5SNX, W0IC, KC5OAO, plus KD5IUG/M (on pings)
      KC7OTV - called and had decoded one partial (UT or AZ ??)
      KD5IUG/M - (EM42/43) heard W5SNX, KC5OAO, WA5UFH and "after hours" worked W0IC on Es while in EM54
                 (no opening observed with the Squalo on truck during RH)
      With Es season here, I think we are all open to ideas and suggestions to deal with those nasty old band openings during RH (oh, what a problem! - sound like a farmer!)  I've taken the liberty to snip an idea of Tip's and then I'll take a stab at it and would really like to see some discussion from others in the group.
      Tip: "I would like to suggest that during Random Hours on Six Meters when the band is obviously open widespread with E’s that we qsy to RTTY between 50.280 to 50.285. The reason I say RTTY vs. PSK is that it is much faster and contacts can be made easily. Also it is easier for roundtable chats with more than one person at a time. Someone might even want to start checking stations in and start a rotation.  Those not wanting to use RTTY can use PSK but we should leave 50.270 for FSK441. (Some areas might not be benefiting from the opening and wish to continue on meteors plus we should never compromise our call frequency with any other mode other than WSJT modes) The advantage of using RTTY over JT6M is the ease of keyboard qso’s vs being tied to set message / ms protocol. After all, if the band is open lets “rag-chew” using digital modes.  Just my two cents worth for dealing with nuisance band openings a
      nd hoping to get feedback on it."
      I've never used RTTY and probably one of many who can't type worth a darn (not to mention being mobile or in wife's apartment parking lot on lots of Saturdays).  I spend more time backspacing on PSK31 than I do going forward - hi!.  Here is my suggestion and 2 cents worth.  Even if we call with U/D on 6m calling frequency, there is likely to be problems getting decodes on 50.270 from multiple signals.  I strongly agree with Tip on preserving .270 (and 144.140 as well) as WSJT modes calling freq.  Would it work to move up or down the band in set intervals of say 2.5 KHz? Set up and call using the WSJT mode of your choice for tropo or Es, i.e., JT44 or JT6M.  That way everyone would at least know where to look and listen.  NOTE: if 6m appears to open, please give 50.290 a wide berth.  If it is open for WSJT modes, it is also open for those using PSK31.  Someone else's turn at bat now.  Lets hear it............
      TNX and hope to see many for the 6/14 rendition of RH! - Bruce, KD5IUG
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