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VE4/K0SM 2m/6m

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  • Andrew Flowers
    Ok, here s the official announcement.... I ll be travelling to Kississing Lake, north of Flin Flon, MB this week with my Father (N0RHL)--either DO95 or EO05
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2003
      Ok, here's the official announcement....

      I'll be travelling to Kississing Lake, north of Flin Flon, MB this week
      with my Father (N0RHL)--either DO95 or EO05 depending upon which cabin
      we end up in. We'll be driving from Lincoln, NE and are planning stops
      in Grand Forks, ND (Monday night) and Swan Lake, MB (Tuesday night) on
      the way. I will try to get on the air at both these locations in the
      evenings and mornings with both 6m and 2m. I can't guarantee that I'll
      be on each evening/morning, so best to watch for me on 17m to get
      up-to-date info. I'll be focusing on 2m FSK441 and 6m Es, but I'll will
      have the mic and key with me for band openings. I'm particularly
      interested in working Au from the Swan Lake area if conditions permit.
      While at the lake I will have a 6m dipole and an IC-706 for Es and Au.

      I'm almost finished loading the car with goodies. Here's the vital

      HF liason 18.163 +/- USB
      cell 402-770-5211 (will check messages periodically)

      FT-100D (HF liason, 6m while mobil)
      FT-290R/II primary 2m rig
      IC-706 6m while parked
      160w brick on 2m
      7el ugly yagi for 144MHz
      3el yagi for 6m
      HF/6/2 whip
      TH7-D cross yagi for FM satellites.

      We are leaving tomorrow AM (Monday) and I should be on the air by early
      evening in the Grand Forks area. I will be on the ND side to hopefully
      give some folks out east a shot at ND on 2m/6m MS. I'll be watching 6m
      all the time while mobile. While parked I'll be running FSK441 on 6m
      and 2m if there is no Es. Obviously I'll be running 6m if the band is
      open. I'll also make some calls on the SSB/CW calling frequencies from
      time to time (CW), especially with the beam north.

      WSJT information:
      CQ's will be on the standard calling frequencies, 144.140 and 50.270.
      I'll use the U/D qsy method. Just answer up or down however many KHz I
      specify and answer there *simplex*. When I hear you I will cease my CQ
      and jump into the normal sequence of thins on the new frequency. This
      is the same thing I've done in previous trips, but it may to new to some
      of you. If you don't understand:
      http://www.qsl.net/w8wn/hscw/papers/hscw-sop.html under "CQ, OFFSET
      LINSTENING", or ask one of the old hands....Of course if things are slow
      I'll start taking sked requests. Just get ahold of me on HF, or failing
      that give me a call. No guarantees that I'll be covered where I am,
      however :-) That's the price of DX.....

      I cannot have both the 2m and the 6m yagis up at the same time, so there
      is a about a 5 min delay for a QSY--there just isn't enough mast for
      them both. I will be active on the return trip as well, but I don't
      have information on that since we will play it by ear. The return trip
      will be Monday-Wednesday of next week.

      See you on the bands!
      Andy K0SM EN10rt
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