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Re: [wsjtgroup] VE4 dxpedition

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  • Bill Duffy
    Andrew: You should let the folks at 425DX in on this. Also the ARRL DX news. Sounds interesting. I am still working towards 2m WSJT. I have all the equipment
    Message 1 of 2 , May 29, 2003
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      You should let the folks at 425DX in on this. Also the ARRL DX news. Sounds interesting. I am still working towards 2m WSJT.  I have all the equipment and software. I just need a " Round tuit".
      Perhaps we could get together in Lincoln this summer? I spend a lot of time there on business.
      Bill KA0VXK
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      Sent: Thursday, May 29, 2003 11:21 AM
      Subject: [wsjtgroup] VE4 dxpedition

      Hi folks,

      This is a "pre-announcement", as I'm still working out the details of
      where I'm going to be when, but this is to let you know I'm planning on
      bringing VHF gear with me on 2m and 6m on a fishing trip to DO95.  I'll
      be leaving from Lincoln, NE on June 2nd, and probably going to Grand
      Forks, ND for the evening.  The idea here being that I might be able to
      provide a shot at ND to some of the east-coast stations that are out of
      range of W0KFG.  If possible I'll try to get into EN07--probably the
      rarest of the squares there. The next day I'll be driving through
      winnepeg and up to Swan River (EO03-ish? could someone check on this?)
      and could be on that evening or more likely the following morning.  I
      might slip over to VE5 also.  That afternoon  (4th) we are catching a
      plan to go up to a cabin north of Flin Flon (edge of DN95 it looks like,
      maybe EO05).  I likely won't have WSJT up there, but I'll try to have a
      small antenna for 6m Es while I'm not fishing.

      I realize this is in the middle of the workweek, so I'll try to get on
      early in the AM and in the evenings.  I'll have HF for liason--either 20
      or 17m, whichever I can use without detuning the 6m whip on the car.
      I'll probably be using the same 2m "ugly yagi" I used for my trip last
      Dec/Jan, unless I find a really good deal at the hamfest, or if KM0T has
      a spare rover antenna (eh, Mike?). 
      Since my IC-706 has been sick on 2m, I'll likely be using the old
      standby FT-290R/II or possibly the FT-100 in the car.  I haven't used
      the FT-100 on WSJT yet, so any feedback from folks on this would be
      good--I have the rigblaster and 6-pin modular cable.

      FT-290R/II  2m WSJT
      FT-100        mobile rig, 40/20/17/15/10/6m with multiband whip, maybe
      WSJT on 6m/2m
      IC-706?         6m at cabin? (2m sick)
      Mirage 160w 2m brick

      2m:    7el yagi on PVC boom up about 13ft on PVC mast.
      6m:    ???  maybe a dipole or something.  Never tried WSJT mobile on
      this band.

      We are limited to 100lbs/person on the flight, but I don't think this
      will be an issue, even with all the fishing tackle.  I picked up a quiet
      (at least on VHF) switching supply rated at 23A continuous, to make life
      easier. There's a big hamfest in Rochester tomorrow, so if I see a good
      rover antenna at a reasonable price I may pick it up.  If I can pack it
      to go on the plane to Lincoln it will be fine for the trip.  Like I
      said, this is the tenative lineup.  I'll be driving back on 9th-11th, so
      I'll be on the air then too, provided equipment isn't destroyed in a
      polar-bear attack or something.  I'll let you know more soon.  I don't
      usually make skeds before my trips since I don't know exctly when and
      where I will be when I get on the air.  Of course, I'll be up in aurora
      country too, so I may be looking for some CW QSOs on 2m/6m when I get a
      chance.  I'll probably go with my usual WSJT operating strategy of
      calling CQ with the QSY method.  I'm not expecting too many birdies out
      there, but you never know....

      I'll let you know more soon.

      Andy K0SM/2

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