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  • Randy Tipton
    I have heard from several Vista users who report using D4 without problems. I am glad to hear that it is available. I did not want to run any software that
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 5, 2008
      I have heard from several Vista users who report using D4 without problems.
      I am glad to hear that it is available.

      I did not want to run any software that doesn't list Vista as a OS. (perhaps
      over cautious)

      Dimension 4 does not list Vista.

      We will use it if necessary but however using the "Vista" internet time
      feature is working for me now that it is set to update every hour instead of
      the default 7 day setting. If someone needs help setting this up go to :

      Thanks again to all that responded ...

      If you choose to read about my Vista experience read on below.


      My Vista Experience... (for dial-up users)
      1. Before purchasing Vista I would recommend making sure the PC has Service
      Pack 1 installed for both Office and Vista. (The Office SP1 took me 36 hours
      to download and the Vista SP1 took 12 hours)
      2. If you have old printers it is very likely there are no drivers for
      Vista OS and HP does not plan to develop drivers for older printers)
      3. My new printer from Dell does not have a CD supplied with the software /
      drivers nor does Dell have any. (Again it took 8 hours to download the
      Software with drivers for it)
      4. Vista would not create new network locations till I found a Microsoft
      Patch to fix it. (This was after downloading SP1 !) The patch downloaded in
      about 10 minutes.
      5.MixW required downloading a new version which I chose to pay for the CD.
      Beta Version for Vista...
      6.Front Page does not work with Vista; replacement program now part of the
      Office Suite (SharePoint) cost additional big bucks.
      7. In the two week period I have had Vista, I have downloaded 87 critical
      updates! Two of them were SP1 for both Office and SP 1 for Vista. Vista does
      do a better job handling updates, thank goodness. I chose not to download
      updates labeled as "optional".

      Hardware Issues:
      1. I ordered the PC with 8 USB ports. Sounds like enough however Dell now
      uses USB ports for the keyboard and mouse. That leaves six which is still
      enough but 4 are located on the front of the tower. Now have permanent
      cables front and back of unit. (Can add usb ports if I want but additional
      2.I tried to order with 9 pin serial port but dell no longer supplies them.

      WSJT Issues:
      1. Good news is WSJT does work with a few issues.
      2. After installing you must set the properties to run as an Administrator
      plus enable Run this program in compatibility mode Window XP SP2 .
      3. Windows does not open the audio controls when you attempt to open the Tx
      / Rx Audio sliders from WSJT <Options>.
      4. Every time I open the WSJT6 application I get a warning window, "An
      Unidentified Program Wants Access to Your Computer", I click on Allow and
      them the program opens.

      Having said that, I believe I made the right decision to go with Vista. XP
      like the other older OS's will soon not be supported. I would have had a
      much easier transition if the other PC would not have crashed plus if I had
      broadband. (Not available in my area, Blue Sky not even an option here)


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      > Randy,
      > I have Vista Home Premium and D4 seems to work fine for me. I've been
      > checking it every one in a while and it is syncing right up the way its
      > supposed to. ::shrug::
      > 73 DE AI3W, Rick
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