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6m APRS meteor-scatter effort....

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  • Dave hartzell
    FYI.... My reason for forwarding is twofold. Most here have experience with 6m m/s, and the group might benefit from knowing about increased m/s activity via
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6 9:37 PM

      My reason for forwarding is twofold. Most here have experience with
      6m m/s, and the group might benefit from knowing about increased m/s
      activity via APRS reports.

      I'm curious how (or if) AX.25 bursting will work, when I have a tough
      time with FSK441 transmitting for 30 seconds at a time! ;-)



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      From: Robert Bruninga <bruninga@...>
      Date: Jan 4, 2008 6:44 AM
      Subject: [amsat-bb] FW: 6m meteor Scatter project (radios&ants)
      To: "Amsat-Bb@Amsat. Org" <amsat-bb@...>

      The APRS Meteor Scatter web page has been updated to add the new
      EmComm Email concept using 6m Meteor Scatter.


      We simply add RX's to each APRS Igate, and the rest of the
      infrastructure exists. We get not just point A->B MS
      reliability, but point A=>BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB potential
      reliability. Meteor paths are very spot to spot specific, but
      if we multiply the receive sites by dozens, then we improve the
      throughput potential by dozens. Done.

      Using surplus 6m 100W ratios all we need is fixed gain antennas.
      And using just 120 feet of a piece of long wire can give 12 dBi
      gain in a given direction. Perfect for this application. So
      dust off that old 6m clunker, connect it to an Igate and lets
      see what comes in.

      Notice that since anything received by ANY IGate is not only
      tagged by that IGate but also shared live to the entire APRS
      network, we have a built-in performance monitoring system too.
      The entire infrastructure exists. It's plug-n-play...

      I know this is not directly satellite related, but it is SPACE
      and it is EmComm which is just another small slice of the AMSAT

      Bob, WB4APR

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      > Sent: Saturday, December 29, 2007 3:03 PM
      > To: Paul Rinaldo; tacos AMRAD
      > Subject: 6m meteor Scatter project.
      > The #1 advantage of this current 6m MS proposal is that it
      > does not attempt 2-way exchange. It takes unique advantage
      > of these primary issues:
      > 1) APRS Email Mission is delivery of SINGLE Email packets.
      > 2) A single successful packet results in real-world value,
      > sender-to ANY human recepient on the planet
      > 3) Space-diversity: Receivers at IGates all over the country
      > all linked in real time via the internet. THis improves
      > reliability by an order of magnitude. Not just one area of
      > the sky, between point A and B, but ALL areas of the sky
      > beteeen A and B-thru-ZZ are potential meteor reflectors.
      > 4) Only one packet to one receiver is needed for 100% success.
      > 5) Individual testing is one-handed. All IGate receivers are
      > automomous and listening 24/7. SO any tester only needs to
      > TRANSMIT his email, and then watch his PC for success.
      > It is this unique "emergeny outgoing email" mission,
      > unique-existing APRS infrastrcutre and existing email engines
      > that make this new project quite viable and not necessarily
      > dependent on a critical mass.
      > Lets get some on the air listening...
      > Bob, Wb4APR
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