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New MS-DATABASE issue 2.35 - 05/2007 ready to download

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    Hallo dear VHF-friends, maybe you have seen past weeks the infos around the new VHF-DX-Portal MMMonVHF. Meantime we was able to integrate the VHF-DATABASE from
    Message 1 of 1 , May 27, 2007
      Hallo dear VHF-friends,

      maybe you have seen past weeks the infos around the new VHF-DX-Portal
      MMMonVHF. Meantime we was able to integrate the VHF-DATABASE from
      DL8EBW and DK3XT. Nowadays you are able to update the BASE online your
      self as well to use a visualisation tool - have a look at:


      The MS-DATABASE will be an exerp of the above shown VHF-DATABASE and
      up to now we was spreading it out free of charge all 6 month. In future
      we are planning to have a daily up to date download port at MMMonVHF.

      There are THREE different kinds of up to date and free downloadable
      packages for you today:

      ms235.zip > ms235.txt (abt.400KB) abt.6000 calls/info
      ms235_WSJT_CALLSIGN.zip > CALLSIGN.TXT abt.5000 calls/info
      ms235_WSJT_CALL3.zip > CALL3.TXT abt.5200 calls/info

      METEORSCATTER - DATABASE (ms235.zip)
      ms235.txt will be the known up to date TEXT-file for Meteorscatter
      friends who wants to find partners and search for some call in
      ordenary TEXT structure, or use the METEORSCATTER-VIEWER from
      DG0KW, Klaus (download for free:
      http://www.user.fh-stralsund.de/~dl0hst/vhf-ms-db-viewer.htm ).
      These DATABASE also include MS-Expedition- and /P Calls from
      the "good old days".

      MS/WSJT(issue < 4.9.0) - DATABASE (ms235_WSJT_CALLSIGN.zip)
      CALLSIGN.TXT will be the METEORSCATTER DATABASE for Meteorscatter
      friends who still use an older version of WSJT program from K1JT,
      issued earlier than version 4.9.0. You shall be able to unzip it
      direct to your WSJT folder and get the CALLS and LOCATOR into the
      fields of the WSJT program based on my DATABASE. On several request
      there are nearly NO expeditioncalls from past month at this file.

      MS/EME/WSJT(issue > 4.9.0) - DATABASE (ms235_WSJT_CALL3.zip)
      CALL3.TXT will be the DATABASE for EME and Meteorscatter friends who
      use the WSJT program from K1JT, Joe, issued later than version 4.9.0.
      or programs like MOONSKED (by GM4JJJ) or TRACKER (by W7GJ) or others.
      It will contain an EME-FLAG at active EMErs to help these programs in
      some decisions... There are also some expedition and /P calls since
      01/2007 as well as some calls of next months at this file...

      You will be able to find several links and places for free download
      and here are some examples:


      The above named three DATABASEs CAN NOT BE built into a DX-cluster
      NEITHER into a logbook- or contest program! For these actions you do
      need my complete VHF-DATABASE-USER file (for any need, please contact
      DL8EBW via e-mail)! All infos, links and downloads around all the
      DATABASEs aswell as more VHF Infos like Make More Miles ON VHF, you
      are able to find on the internet-homepage:


      Wish you gl with these new DATABASEs and hope to hear from you time
      to time on VHF.

      kind regards, sincerely

      73 de D L 8 E B W Guido (Guy)
      qrv from JO31NF for VHF-DX: MS & EME
      RIG: IC275H 2*12elM2 750W ATF-Preamp

      A Team-Member of MMMonVHF DX Portal
      look: http://www.MMMonVHF.de/
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