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144 MHz e M[ost] W[anted] S[quares] Europe

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    Dear VHF friends, As you noticed, the last survey for the 144 MHz M[ost] W[anted] S[quares] in Europe was evaluated by the German magazines DUBUS and
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2007
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      Dear VHF friends,

      As you noticed, the last survey for the
      144 MHz M[ost] W[anted] S[quares] in Europe
      was evaluated by the German magazines "DUBUS" and
      "FUNK-TELEGRAMM" by Joe, DL8HCZ and published on Guy, DL8EBW,
      homepage: http://www.dl8ebw.de/MWS-PROJECT/mws-project.html in the
      beginning of the year and that we were doing since past 10-15 years...

      Since the beginning of the year, the group of Make More Miles on VHF
      was in contact with Joe, DL8HCZ, to develop this survey on
      a more comfortable way for our users and editors.

      So today we start to be online with the always up to date:
      144 MHz e M[ost] W[anted] S[quares] Europe
      at: http://www.MMMonVHF.de/ and please do click: "eMWS"

      You are now able now to upload your MWS-files "ONLINE" without the
      need of any emailing or any deadline missings ;-) !
      You are able to use the well known VQ-Log "MWS output" tables as
      well as simple .txt files. NO NEED OF A SPECIFIC PROGRAM ANYMORE!

      Please check the following info and then you may update your
      personal informations for the 144 MHz e-MWS online for the

      144 MHz e M[ost] W[anted] S[quares] Europe

      Everybody can send in as many most wanted squares as he wants.
      Of course it shall be necessary that the wanted squares have to be
      in a reachable area from the senders QTH. We do recommend following

      600- 800 km for stations working tropo propagations only
      800-1000 km for stations which wants work WET-SQUARES (eg. JO15)
      2000-2300 km for stations working propagations like MS

      Example: if you are qrv on 144 MHz tropo you might send a list of
      squares in a range of 600-800 km around your QTH, if you qrv also MS/ES
      you might send in squares in range of 2300 km. Also all "wet" squares
      are possible to activate but shall be within your extended tropo range.
      Its your decision if you count only "not worked square", or if you
      add the squares pending on confirmation.

      The prefered method to send in your entry for the survey will the
      output file from VQ-Log (EA6VQs Logbook program) but also a simple
      .txt file will do it - here an example of your TEXT-input to the page:

      (The filename is free of choice, but the extension has to be 'txt'):


      [End of file]

      All participants of the 2007 144 MHz MWS DUBUS survey will be loaded
      meantime to the ONLINE eMWS survey. DUBUS did NOT spread out "your"
      results from the 2007 survey as past years and so any other upcomming
      survey-copies are based on our old survey results also if the time
      stamp says current dates... ;-)

      As well as in the past years, Joe, DL8HCZ / CT1HZE will get time to
      time current results to publish it in the DUBUS/FUNKTELEGRAMM. As well
      we will place these infos in other media, as long they will share
      our copyright situation.

      Many thanks in advance for using our new tool at http://www.MMMonVHF.de
      Maybe you ll find time to have a look about your details in our
      VHF-DATABASE because end of may we will spread out the new issue of the
      MS-DATABASE (CALL3.txt) from here. We are pleased to inform you

      The MMMonVHF-Team (info"at"mmmonvhf.de)
      Ansgar DG2KBC, Bernd DK3XT, Erwin DK5EW, Guy DL8EBW,
      Jani HA5CRX, Peter OZ1LPR and Peter PA3BIY.
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