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  • Randy Tipton
    Stations who wish to share their plans for the NAHSMS Spring Contest should feel free to post them here. (Especially if you re going to be operating as a
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2007
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      Stations who wish to share their plans for the NAHSMS Spring Contest should
      feel free to post them here. (Especially if you're going to be operating as
      a "Rover" or "Mobile" during the contest period)

      Below is a stab at what I hope to be doing...

      I will operate from my home QTH in EL19pa.

      I have chosen not to make any schedules but am hoping to be heard by
      stations over 1200 miles for "real time schedules" via. Email.

      I will check email often while operating for "allowed" real time schedules.
      (see rules)

      Will start off using the "Primary" calling frequencies and change to the
      alternates only if the band becomes too congested plus / minus the primary
      calling frequencies. (this would be a nice problem hi)

      I plan to operate both 50 & 144 MHz and will attempt to qsy contacts to the
      opposite band after a contact.

      I plan to call using FSK441 but will answer JT6M calls on six meters.

      I will use standard East / West method for determining tx sequence.

      I will not answer any calls on the calling frequencies per the rules except
      to attempt to QSY you to another frequency.

      I will use single tones for RRR's & 73 unless I know the frequency is being
      shared with another qso. If that happen I will use standard RH messages.

      I plan to operate the following hours:
      May 5th 13:00 - 20:00 UTC
      May 6th 10:00 - 13:00 UTC
      May 7th 10:00 - 15:00 UTC

      All other times we will be monitoring and randomly calling. I expect
      mornings to be best time to operate but will be snooping about for activity
      at other times.

      We will be listening for Rovers.

      We will be persistent; if we start a contact I will run 30 minutes or more
      if necessary to complete. Don't give up too soon!

      Tail-ending a contact is FB here, please call me any time during an attempt
      and when I complete with that station we will call you.

      Good luck to all in the contest, I look forward to hearing your pings.

      Randy Tipton WA5UFH (Tip)
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