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Re: [wsjtgroup] JT65 and other modes, what frequencies?

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  • Andrew O'Brien
    3.522 , ZL s and JA s there now. ... -- Andy K3UK Skype Me : callto://andyobrien73 www.obriensweb.com
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 12 5:38 AM
      3.522 , ZL's and JA's there now.

      On 4/12/07, ve7baq <carls@...> wrote:

      What are the usual frequencies for working WSJT on the HF bands such as
      80 meters and 40 meters etc.? I have heard some signals on 7076 but
      nothing on 80 meters. The Bozos Guide mentions 3756 but I figure that
      was a typo as this is right up in the 80 meter phone band. What is the
      suggested freq for this band? Einar, VE7BAQ

      Andy K3UK
      Skype Me :  callto://andyobrien73
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