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Linux version 5.9.6 r309 query

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  • Roger Rehr
    Hello, All, Good Weekend to All! This is not a generic question on how to get wsjt to work . It is a question on how to get wsjt 5.9.6 r309 to work in a
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2007
      Hello, All,

      Good Weekend to All!

      This is not a generic question on 'how to get wsjt to work'. It is a
      question on how to get wsjt 5.9.6 r309 to work in a specific manner
      with jack and portaudio underlinux. I specifically want to run the
      portaudio version of wsjt 5.9.6 under ubuntu linux and to see the wsjt
      portaudio device appear in the connect window of qjackctl. I have the
      alsa version running fine, and I have wsjt running fine under several
      varieties of windows. So I do not need to know that I could try those
      things to get around this problem. I specifically want to UNDERSTAND
      and solve this particular problem.

      The issue is this:
      When the portaudio version of wsjt 5.9.6 is run under ubuntu with jack
      running I do not get a portaudio device for wsjt to appear on the
      connect window of qjackctl.

      wsjt runs, and at initiation I get the appropriate terminal message
      from wsjt and I see signals as I should on the SpecJT window. All
      works in satisfactory fashion except there is no portaudio device in
      the qjackctl connect window, so I can't connect wsjt to other devices
      as I would like.

      Here is an example of the terminal message I get on one of my linux
      systems when I start the portaudio form of wsjt:

      root@w3sz-desktop:~# wsjt
      WSJT Version 5.9.6 r309 , by K1JT
      Revision date: 2006-09-22 19:39:03 +0300 (Fri, 22 Sep 2006)
      Run date: Sat Apr 7 10:59:13 2007 UTC
      Can't open /dev/cuad0.
      Using PortAudio.

      Audio Input Output Device Name
      Device Channels Channels
      0 16 16 /dev/dsp
      1 16 16 /dev/dsp1
      2 2 8 HDA Intel: ALC882 Analog (hw:0,0)
      3 2 2 HDA Intel: ALC882 Digital (hw:0,1)
      4 12 10 M Audio Delta 44: ICE1712 multi (hw:1,0)
      5 2 8 front
      6 2 8 surround40
      7 2 8 surround51
      8 2 8 surround71
      9 2 2 iec958
      10 2 2 spdif

      Default Input: 0 Output: 0
      Requested Input: 0 Output: 0
      Opening device 0 for input, 0 for output.
      Audio streams running normally.

      Ignore the reference to /dev/cuad0. That is the PTT port and is not
      germane to the problem I am presenting.

      The default configure for wsjt in 5.9.6 r 309 is "configure
      --with-jack=no" and that is how I have configured/compiled wsjt because
      when I change this to "configure --with-jack=yes" [by altering the
      Makefile after running "./configure", then when I run wsjt it fails to
      start and the error message below is generated:

      Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/usr/bin/wsjt.py", line 9, in ?
      import Audio
      ImportError: /download/wsjt596r309/Audio.so: undefined symbol:
      jack_client_name_ size

      Any help would be appreciated!


      Roger Rehr

      Roger Rehr
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