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RE: [wsjtgroup] Newbee Questions

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  • Stephen Hicks, N5AC
    Jeff, I would probably start with FSK441 on 6m. There is a random hour for contacts on Saturday morning (see http://www.ykc.com/wa5ufh/WSJTGROUP/). I would
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      I would probably start with FSK441 on 6m.  There is a random hour for contacts on Saturday morning (see http://www.ykc.com/wa5ufh/WSJTGROUP/).  I would hook everything up and listen on a Saturday morning to hear pings.  Once you can hear and decode these, give a call and see if you can contact someone.  There are plenty of people transmitting at these times and it will make your first contact less frustrating I would imagine!
      Steve, N5AC

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      Im very new to this type of amateur radio mode. I have lots of questions
      what mode is the easiest for the new person to master I know with some
      other modes its easier to start simple an work to the more complex .
      My interst is in 6 meter contacts using one of these modes but im
      unsure which one to start with!!. It's kinda of overwhelming to me all
      that can be done with this software. Any help would be grand i've
      installed the wsjt software on my laptop and im using the rigblaster
      pro interface hooked to a alinco dx70 with a 3 element beam up around
      40ft with a rotator so im thinking that i can work at least one of
      these modes but unsure where to begin.
      Jeff kd4qit

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