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Make More Miles on VHF available on a new Internet Portal

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    Dear VHF friends, today we feel it as a pleasure to inform you, about our new internet webpages of Make More Miles on VHF. Please do welcome the following
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2007
      Dear VHF friends,

      today we feel it as a pleasure to inform you, about our new internet
      webpages of Make More Miles on VHF. Please do welcome the following
      lines to get an overview about the lot of possibilities for YOU as a
      dx-peditionär and/or as a user of the MMMonVHF-system.

      Make More Miles on VHF, the only European VHF information platform
      which has been operating since the early nineties, will be renewed.
      The goal of the website has been and will be to provide easy access
      for VHF enthusiasts.
      Information about "Who", "Were", "When" and "How" activities will be
      employed had to be easily available and will be for free.

      Over the past 2 months a team of 7 members has been assembled, who have
      constructed a completely new web Portal with some of the latest,
      fascinating, Internet features available.
      A special acknowledgement goes to Ansgar, DG2KBC, who was able to
      translate all our ideas into practical web features in a remarkable
      short period of time.

      Let us introduce you to a completely new Internet Portal for
      "Make More Miles on VHF" in a privately owned Domain:


      Below you'll find an overview of the info pages and Tools which are
      available at http://www.mmmonvhf.de/ from up 1st of march 2007:

      - The Home page of MMM. Use this page for short cut settings in your
      Favourite folder
      - Links to all the sub-pages of MMM
      - Input Box for short (DX) info (can be used by VHF friends...)
      - Time stamp of the last change made in the "NEWS" sub page

      - All the latest news about world wide VHF (144 MHz) DX (expeditions,
      special-events, activities, etc)
      - Shortcuts to sortable summaries
      - Sortable overview of all available Details and Links
      - The status of each (DX) activity is coloured for quick priority
      - Older and recent data are distinguished by different colours

      "VHF-DATABASE" (a replacement of the "old" DK3XT & DL8EBW-Online-DATABASE)
      - An online-DATABASE tool which merges DK3XT's and DL8EBW's VHF-DATABASE
      - An online tool in order to edit and up-data info concerning your own
      callsign (more than 50000 initials are available at the start...)
      - Fast overview possibilities to locate stations versus squares

      - A simple contact form, in order to transfer information in a
      convenient format to the Host of the specific MMM information page
      - And of course there is an email address were you can send info to:

      - For the time being the following propagation modes will be addressed:
      TROPO, MS and ES. Information and instructions are given about
      operating practice, procedures, available programs and also about
      upcomming events (eg. ms-shower or moon-phase diagram...)
      - Modes like Aurora and FAI are planned to be added in the near future

      - As this Domain is privately owned, we are independent from commercial
      domains and so there are no time delays...
      - A search engine to let you plough throughout the complete MMM database
      - MMM-NEWSLETTER (an automatically generated Email for MMM users in the
      event of important up-dates or changes in expedition plans...)
      - RSS-FEED function - NO spam - only the timestamp for last update send!
      (RSS-FEEDS are tiny programs that will run in your Browser, which can
      open a small window or running text with info - more details have a
      look at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS )
      - QSL-Manager overview of (recent) VHF-expeditions
      - REVIEW. Comments and stories about past expeditions

      ...and much more. Be surprised!

      The information system "MMMonVHF" is a living and ongoing Project.
      We have tried to show what has happened, and how fast it has grown over
      the past 2 months. Please send us your ideas, suggestions and critics,
      and we'll try to improve existing features, or incorporate new ones.
      But bear in mind that we are just radio Amateurs who want to be active
      on VHF as well!

      MMMonVHF can only thrive if you supply us with information about VHF
      activities. So please, if you are going on an expedition, or if you know
      anyone who will, please be so kind to send the information to MMMonVHF.
      This site lives from your input, and the Members are not able to observe
      all what is going on themselves.
      You can enter info using the the MENU button "CONTACT", and send it to
      MMM. Of course, you can also send info in a normal email format to us:

      Contrary to some other info platforms there is no need to register in
      order to access the web page. Only if you would like to receive the
      "Newsletter" from MMM, its required to get your mail adress (like the
      former YAHOO mailing list). Subscribition of the Newsletter can be
      easily performed through MENU and the NEWSLETTER button.

      Now it only remains us to wish you much fun with MMMonVHF, and much
      information exchange!

      The MMMonVHF-Team (info"at"mmmonvhf.de)
      Ansgar DG2KBC, Bernd DK3XT, Erwin DK5EW, Guy DL8EBW,
      Jani HA5CRX, Peter OZ1LPR and Peter PA3BIY.
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