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  • dl8ebw@web.de
    Because of the comming METEORSCATTER EVENT GEMINIDS I will spread the info, what just was spread to the MAILINGLIST OF MMM ON VHF (pse look at:
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2006
      Because of the comming METEORSCATTER EVENT "GEMINIDS" I will spread
      the info, what just was spread to the MAILINGLIST OF MMM ON VHF
      (pse look at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MMM_on_VHF/ ) also to
      the group of meteorscatter and WSJT fans...
      These announces you nearly find daily at MMM on VHF and you are
      very welcome to send your infos and be a part of these group....

      Hallo dear M M M o n V H F friends,

      agn lot of changes today again at the Make More Miles on VHF.
      For details abt the news, pse take a look from up 1845 UT at:
      and check the date of update (changes marked orange!)...

      Also this year the BAVARIAN CONTEST CLUB will call all meteorscatter
      friends for running the meteorscatter contest between 11nd december
      2006 20UT up to 15st december! Rules at the page....
      BCC - calls add at the list about BCC activities (latest news page)

      HK1 - Maximo, HK1DX, wasnt qrv 10.12. due to an accident...
      OX - Lothar, OX/DL/WB, on the way back home...
      JN40 - Fabio, IS0/HB9FAP, reached his QTH and is ready for BCC!
      KP61 - as well Alexey, RU1AC/1, qrv and worked tropo past hour
      KN22 - LZ9X, cant reach hilltop-QTH - QRV now from KN22 (not 32!)
      JO50 - some more SOTA-activities around the weekend 16/17. dec.
      NH8S - OPDX Bulletin spotted, that N8S will also be qrv on 144MHz!

      (tnx a lot for infos to HK1DX, DL9MS, IS0/HB9FAP, RX1AS, LZ2HM
      DL5ZA and many others...)

      as well as some news about the M M M o n V H F project itself:
      MWS - The Most Wanted Square poll from DUBUS started 1th dec!
      LATEST NEWS - up to date infos about ongoing expeditions...
      DXC-Announces of 144 MHz-Expeditions or exiting DX
      NEWSBOARD - a board with latest posts, miscellaneous, rumors...
      REVIEW - a new place where posting from past MMMs will be on
      as well as LOGS and QSL-Manager infos...
      DATABASE - always informed about the VHF DATABASE (CALL3...)
      FEEDBACK - Form to send us your DX-Announces ONLINE now...

      If you see, or hear, or work yourself an expedition, which is NOT
      (or WRONG infos) at M M M o n V H F page,

      PLEASE drop me a note: mmm_on_vhf@...

      Have a pleasant DX-time on VHF!
      Kind regards, sincerely

      73 de D L 8 E B W Guido (Guy)
      JO31NF / DL66a VHF-DX-Group DL-West
      qrv VHF-DX: MS & EME in WSJT & HSCW

      Editor of the "FT-MS-SHOWER-LIST" and the
      "MS/EME/WSJT-VHF-DATABASEs" aswell as the
      [M]ake-[M]ore-[M]iles On VHF-Expeditionpage
      look: http://www.dl8ebw.de/Actual/actual.html
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