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Re: [wsjtgroup] FW: Random Hour - calling freq ops

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  • Rex Moncur
    Hi Mike and all I agree with Mike s experience on grid expedition where all other stations will be trying to work the rare grid square station. The problem on
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 8, 2003
      Hi Mike and all
      I agree with Mike's experience on grid expedition where all other stations will be trying to work the rare grid square station.  The problem on activity sessions (your random hour) is that there can be more than one QSO going on and thus the single tones from another QSO can cause confusion. Thus we adopt the rule that for activity sessions the TXing station my always identify themselves with their call sign.
      For info we have done some experiments with close spaced stations to look at the footprint size and this seems to be no more than about 10 km on 6 meters and I would suspect proportionally smaller on two meters.  A book on "Meteor Burst Communication" by Schanker indicates that the footprint is about 5km by 25 km long. While he does not say I assume this is for around 40 MHz.
      Regards Rex, VK7MO
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      Sent: Sunday, February 09, 2003 7:52 AM
      Subject: RE: [wsjtgroup] FW: Random Hour - calling freq ops

      During my recent grid expeditions, I've had the opportunity to copy as
      many as three stations calling me more or less simultaneously.  This has
      happened more often than you'd imagine and every once in a while I'll copy
      two stations during the same sequence (never on the same ping though!).
      Although this keeps me rivited to the computer, it's pretty clear who is
      who based on the DF. The other guys only hear one of me, but of course I
      can only work one of them at a time.  If an R26 or RRR arrives on the
      other end it can only be valid if it makes sense in the sequence.  For
      example, the other guy had to copy my call, his call, report, and have
      sent a couple of R26's for an RRR heard from me to have any meaning.  So I
      don't think it's necessary to add extra info to the messages or eliminate
      ST's -- the DF and the message sequence take care of any confusion.

      The only opportunity for ambiguity I can think of is a situation where I
      give up on a QSO and try to work the next guy.  I proceed through the
      second QSO attempt and start sending RRR, for example, and the first guy
      might think it's meant for him.  I know the score, however, and clear it
      up by email later.

      Mike WB2FKO

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