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EME Report de DL8EBW JO31NF

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  • dl8ebw@web.de
    Hallo dear EME-WSJT-friends, I believe that was one of the exitings weekends of my radio-life! I have had holidays since 1.oct and so I was able to watch the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8, 2006
      Hallo dear EME-WSJT-friends,

      I believe that was one of the exitings weekends of my radio-life!
      I have had holidays since 1.oct and so I was able to watch the
      eme-logger time to time. Since 4.oct I could notice that the activity
      was getting up and also I could figure out, that moonsked promissed some
      condx with a DGR lower -2db.

      Normaly I was able to work 3 to 4 stations per night with my 2x 12el and
      500W on 144MHz and new stations are really difficult to work, also after
      a lot of tests.

      That past weekend (lets say 3 to 8.oct) did gave me the chance to hit
      more than 40! QSOs and a lot of new initials via the moon. Condx was
      time to time "excellent" and I was able to get realy pile ups via the moon.

      The reason to write these lines and not only to print the log, shall be
      to get some more stations on the band in JT65 or CW with smaller setup
      like mine (1x 15, 16, 17 el or 2x 10, 11, 12el...). Only need to be
      there in the right moment and right condx!

      I was able to work stations with 4 or more Yagi-systems, but as well 2
      Yagi and some 1 Yagi Stations! Smallest station (sorry I really only
      mean the setup) was Clive, GM4VVX - Clive is running 400W in 10el Yagi
      and QSO take place in JT65 in about 20 min. Also I do not forget the CW,
      but of course with the WSJT-program from Joe, K1JT (tnx for all!) is
      much easier and more comfortable. I was running the CW without any
      filter (so SSB bandwith) and I believe a lot will follow as soon as my
      new TRX (TS2000) will give me DSP and filter orportuneties... I could
      copy Bob, K6PF, but he has stress with his noise level and so it was NC.

      So for me, these weekend was one of the highlights in my amateur-radio
      life up to now and I will thank all for tests (if complete or not).
      IT WAS REAL FUN!!!

      Kind regards, sincerely

      73 de D L 8 E B W Guido (Guy)
      JO31NF / DL66a VHF-DX-Group DL-West
      qrv VHF-DX: MS & EME in WSJT & HSCW

      Editor of the "FT-MS-SHOWER-LIST" and the
      "MS/EME/WSJT-VHF-DATABASEs" aswell as the
      [M]ake-[M]ore-[M]iles On VHF-Expeditionpage
      look: http://www.dl8ebw.de/Actual/actual.html
      and http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MMM_on_VHF/


      DL 8 EBW - DL66a / JO31NF EME-Aktivitaetsbericht 144MHz (only


      03/10/2006 20:30 SV8KOM KM07KS O RO JT65 best
      -26db 1845
      03/10/2006 20:50 F6GRB JN25KP O RO JT65 best
      -25db 642
      04/10/2006 18:06 DK3EE JO41GU RO O JT65 best
      -22db 120
      04/10/2006 20:04 S52LM JN65TX O RO JT65 best
      -20db 754
      04/10/2006 20:16 RU1AA KP40XD O RO JT65 best
      -19db 1726
      04/10/2006 20:22 SM2ILF KP04NP O RO JT65 best
      -19db 1696
      04/10/2006 20:30 OE6IWG JN77PK RO O JT65 best
      -24db 726
      04/10/2006 21:24 SM5CUI JO89WW O RO JT65 best
      -26db 1177
      04/10/2006 21:45 OH4EA KP32MG O RO JT65 best
      -24db 1713
      04/10/2006 21:58 YO3DMU KN34BJ O RO JT65 best
      -27db 1602
      04/10/2006 22:08 ON4DPX JO10NT RO O JT65 best
      -22db 283
      04/10/2006 23:00 SP4MPB KO03GS RO O JT65 best
      -24db 949
      04/10/2006 23:15 W3UUM EL29PW O RO JT65 best
      -23db 8211
      05/10/2006 00:09 LY2BAW KO25KA RO O JT65 best
      -21db 1253
      05/10/2006 00:40 K6MYC DM07DB RO O JT65 best
      -18db 8914
      05/10/2006 01:05 W9XA EN51UT O RO JT65 best
      -26db 6847
      05/10/2006 18:08 RK3WWF KO72OI RO O JT65 best
      -25db 1923
      05/10/2006 18:26 DL7FF JO62TJ O RO JT65 best
      -26db 465
      05/10/2006 18:55 F6HVK JN27LH O RO JT65 best
      -23db 463
      05/10/2006 19:12 DH7FB/P JO63SC O RO JT65 best
      -23db 484
      05/10/2006 19:30 GM4VVX IO78TA RO O JT65 best
      -29db 1055
      05/10/2006 20:45 DM2BHG JO51MW RO O JT65 best
      -27db 282
      06/10/2006 00:10 K1JT FN20QI O RO JT65 best
      -27db 6116
      06/10/2006 00:47 WB2BYP FN13FF O RO JT65 best
      -27db 6092
      06/10/2006 01:39 W9XA EN51UT RO O JT65 best
      -23db 6847
      06/10/2006 02:17 N0YK DM98MG RO O JT65 best
      -24db 7860
      06/10/2006 02:55 W2CNS FN13GA O RO JT65 Best
      -27db 6102
      07/10/2006 03:00 K9SM EM59EE O RO JT65 best
      -25db 7134
      07/10/2006 04:48 SP7DCS JO91RT O RO CW best 319
      07/10/2006 18:04 OE3FVU JN78UE RO RO JT65 best -
      24db 703
      07/10/2006 20:10 DL7UAE JO62PH O RO JT65 best
      -23db 441
      07/10/2006 20:26 ES2CM KO29DJ O RO JT65 best
      -23db 1408
      07/10/2006 20:38 DL2NUD JO63MF O RO JT65 best
      -20db 460
      07/10/2006 20:45 RU3ACE KO95KG RO O JT65 best
      -28db 2139
      07/10/2006 21:35 F3VS JN38LF O RO CW best 319
      08/10/2006 02:20 WA3BZT FM29EP O RO JT65 best
      -18db 6232
      08/10/2006 02:36 AA1YN FN43GC O RO JT65 best
      -27db 5719
      08/10/2006 03:01 K9DX EN52XC RO O CW best 419
      08/10/2006 03:19 KA8HOK EM89LL O RO JT65 best
      -23db 6711
      08/10/2006 04:21 KU7Z DN41AF O RO JT65 best
      -25db 8164


      TXRIG : ICOM IC-275-H , 2x 12el M2 full elevation , PA: MOS-FET 500W
      DTR-MS tape recorder (made by DF7KF), ETM9C (RX/TX 3500lpm)
      RXRIG : ICOM IC-275-H , 2x 12el M2 full elevation , ATF54143-Preamp
      DTR-MS tape recorder (made by DF7KF),
      PC : Notebook and 2GHz PC with Yamada soundcard parallel
      with WSJT 5.9.6 and 4.9.8 (for JT65 and FSK441 modes)

      As well for propagation studies:
      ICOM PCR1000 and/or SONY ST-S361 RDS
      Ant : 3 el horz. Konni B1 (+ BF900 B1)
      7 el horz. + 7el vert. Konni B2 (+ BF981 B2)
      PC : Laptop with RDS-V2.0 (UKW/TV-Arbeitskreis der AGDX)

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