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    ***************************************************************** * * * VHF-DATENBANK and MS
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2006
      * *
      * VHF-DATENBANK and MS / EME / WSJT-DATABASE Issue 2.20 *
      * *

      Since over 20 years the VHF-DATABASE is now available and also this
      year I be able to spread around the latest version (2.30 - 10/2006)
      as well the three different files of the MS / EME / WSJT-DATABASE
      (CALL3.txt - CALLSIGN.txt und MS230.txt). These DATABASEs are giving
      an view about active stations and you are able to implement it
      into several HAM-programs (eg.WSJT, VQ-LOG, OHTest, TUCNAK, VIEWER,
      DXClusters...) or read it by simple ms-tools...

      Every USER who wants to run the VHF-DATABASE in the different
      HAM-programs (see above) is able to get his own VHF-DATABASE.
      This USER-VHF-DATABASE is available for a donation of 5 EURO
      or 6 Dollar (please paypal, stamps with small values or bank
      notes in a letter to Guy, DL8EBW - adress is ok at: www.qrz.com).

      DX-CLUSTER-Sysops will please pass their DXC-Call and type as
      well the e-mail adress of the sysop where to send the file via
      Email and will receive the CLUSTER-DATABASE FREE OF CHARGE!
      The CLUSTER-DATABASE-FILES can only be used for reloading into
      the dx-cluster areas and NOT(!) into VQLog or other HAM-programs!

      The MS / EME / WSJT-DATABASE are three different smaller files
      for use in the WSJT-programs of K1JT and will be still available
      FREE OF CHARGE at my homepage!

      All infos, links and downloads around all my DATABASEs, as well
      around MMM on VHF, the best european VHF-announce service, you are
      able to find on my internet-homepage:


      Now I Wish you gl with my new DATABASEs and hope to hear from you
      time to time on VHF-UHF-SHF or via MS or the moon...

      Wuppertal 1st of october 2006 73 de DL8EBW, Guy

      * 73 de D L 8 E B W Guido (Guy) DL66a/JO31NF +++++++++++ *
      * * * VHF-DX-Group DL-West * * I *
      * qrv EME & MS in SSB,HSCW(3500lpm) and WSJT VHF I DX *
      * Editor of the "MS-SHOWER-LIST" the "VHF[MS]-DX-DATABASE" *
      * aswell as the [M]ake-[M]ore-[M]iles On VHF-Expeditionpage *
      * and Mailinglist http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MMM_on_VHF/ *
      * PR-BBS: DL8EBW@DB0FHN.#BAY.DEU.EU DX-Cluster: DB0SUE-7 *
      * e-mail: guy@... SMS-Mail: 01722155903@... *
      * NEWS and INFOS at: http://www.dl8ebw.de/Actual/actual.html *
      * ICQ-Pager # : 278108951 MSM & SKYPE-Pager # : DL8EBW *
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