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Fwd: Re: [wsjtgroup] Estimate of Probability of Double Hop MS

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  • Chris Bartram
    ... I d be very cautious about this record although I ve heard Dave CQT s tapes and there was clearly a QSO, a number of people have strong suspicions about
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 27 2:23 AM
      > I believe the 144MHz IARU Region 1 meteor scatter distance record and
      > world record of 3101km is for a QSO between GW4CQT (IO81LP) and UW6MA
      > (KN97VE) on 12 August 1977.

      I'd be very cautious about this 'record' although I've heard Dave 'CQT's
      tapes and there was clearly a QSO, a number of people have strong suspicions
      about the real location of the other station...

      > There have been several FSK441 over the
      > horizon QSOs made including the contact between Tim G4LOH and RW3PF in
      > 2003 at 2605km.
      > Are any of these double hop? I guess it shouldn't be ruled out but in my
      > mind single-hop tropo assisted would seem to be a more probable
      > explanation.

      I agree. Mixed mode is statistically much more likely.

      > So Chris, when are you going to have another go at the Brendan Trophy? :-)

      I'm not! I'm more interested in trying to understand what the heck is
      going-on than making a QSO nowadays. Of course, if I do discover the magic
      secret... I will be taking my 82MHz gear to a good location for part of the
      Perseids. If I get on the air during the shower it will be on 432, as usual.

      > My money would be on Tim G4LOH making it. He has a permanent QTH in
      > the right place, a great station, is very experienced and can be in the
      > shack most days.

      Tim's location is very close to that which we used in 1979, and as you say he
      has the right combination of equipment, experience and determination. The
      major problem is finding someone else with the same combination of enthusiasm
      skills and gear at the VO/VE end of the path. From what I can deduce, the
      resident VO1s have been transatlanticed-out with the numbers of 'expeditions'
      which haven't quite got themselves together.

      > BTW looking at Hepburn a trans-Atlantic tropo QSO between Africa and
      > Cuba might be on the cards today!

      The guys in southern Europe and NW Africa - eg. CT, EA1, CN8 and D44 - do
      have a big advantage with the way in which tropo works. Haven't I seen
      reports of D44TD hearing PY repeaters?

      Many years ago I said that the most likely first transatlantic QSO would take
      place between someone with a handheld on a beach in the west of Ireland
      working through a North American repeater. I still think that's not unlikely,
      although the beach is more likely to be in Iberia or NW Africa.



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