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RE: [wsjtgroup] FT-736R

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  • Russ K2TXB
    John, I built a dual interface so I could interface one or two computers to two radios for sound card modes. It is not as simple as just switching the sound
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 5, 2006
      John, I built a dual interface so I could interface one or two computers to
      two radios for sound card modes. It is not as simple as just switching the
      sound card as you need to switch audio input, audio output, and PTT (serial)
      lines. It is also important to provide isolation of the transmit audio
      circuits of the two radios from each other and from the computer(s). It is
      also a good idea to provide DC isolation of the PTT circuit. The schematic
      of my unit is available for download via ftp at:


      Or use the following link for http download:


      However the ftp site is not enabled for anonymous access and requires a
      password. It should be ok by sometime tonight or definitely tomorrow.

      This circuit allows for instant switching of any combination of two radios
      with one or two computers. For instance, with one radio you can receive on
      one computer and send with the other, receive and send with both radios at
      once (with 2 computers or 1 computer with dual sound cards), or receive with
      one radio to two computers at once. It also has circuitry for allowing you
      to use headphones to listen to the output of either or both computers with
      either earphone (or reverse), for SDR type applications. And there is a
      headphone input supplied so the direct output of the headphone jacks of both
      radios can be switched to either or both earpieces. Naturally you can
      eliminate any circuitry that you do not require. PTT switching is done via
      opto-darlington isolators, providing DC isolation and requiring no DC power
      to the box. LED transmit indicators are provided. Both receive and
      transmit audio is isolated from the computers via cheap, radio shack, line
      transformers. And audio level controls are provided for each transmit

      This image is a fairly high resolution (150 dpi) file and is about 5
      megabytes. This allows you to zoom the image for closer detail. If you do
      not have a high bandwidth connection and are unwilling to download such a
      large file I can provide a lower resolution image on request. Please let me
      know if you have any trouble downloading this file.

      Hope this helps,

      73, Russ K2TXB

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      > I think I asked once before, but I am looking for help in
      > hooking my FT-736R for WSJT. I currently have a Rigblaster
      > Pro that I use for 6 meter. I would like to have a something
      > just for the 736, with a switch in place where I hookup to
      > the sound card, so I could switch between the 2 radios. Any
      > help would be appreciated. Thanks- John
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    • Roger Schneider
      Yaesu FT-736R FS (6-2-222-432) Email w9ffradio@astoriail.net for info. Roger W9FF
      Message 2 of 3 , Dec 15, 2013
        Yaesu FT-736R  FS (6-2-222-432)  Email w9ffradio@... for info.   Roger W9FF
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