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Re: [wsjtgroup] Phanton JT65B EME callsigns

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  • Paul Whatton
    Hi Philip WSJT is making an intelligent guess at the callsign of the DX station it thinks you are listening for. The giveaway is the question mark. The
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 2, 2006
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      Hi Philip

      WSJT is making an "intelligent" guess at the callsign of the DX station
      it thinks you are listening for. The giveaway is the question mark. The
      analogy is when you are looking for a very weak station on say a CW
      sked. You hear a weak carrier in there but don't copy the callsign
      properly but it might be your sked partner.

      In the case below there will have been some sort of very low level
      signal on the frequency. WSJT's best guess was that it was a CQ call by
      KA9MGR but the software isn't sure so it has put a ? after the decode.

      So you have to interpret WSJT decodes and not just take them for
      granted. Is the frequency correct? Is the DT correct, in other words
      somewhere around 2.5 for the EME delay. Does it all make sense? Only
      then would anyone accept a decode with a ? Many of us prefer to ignore
      these to the same extent that we'd ignore a weak carrier that we
      couldn't read properly. It might be something or more probably it might

      For your first EME listening I'd strongly suggest going for some big
      signals. There are many stations who are so strong that their signals
      are easily visible in the SpecJT waterfall if the frequency is clear.
      And once the signal strength gets up to about -20 you'll hear their
      tones in the speaker. For starters keep a special lookout for:

      W5UN 144.129
      KB8RQ 144.127

      With apologies to any big guns who I've missed out unintentionally!
      These stations consistently put out exceptional signals on 2m EME. At
      times they are all clearly audible in the loudspeaker even with a small
      yagi. Having said that there will be days when conditions are not good
      and even these giants won't be easy to decode with a small antenna. Then
      at other times they will be so loud you'll find it difficult to believe
      that it is EME (it is!) As you get more expereinced you'll be able to
      work weaker stations with smaller antennas. With my simple single 9
      element Tonna I now don't find it too difficult to work 4 yagi stations
      and can regularly hear several 2 yagi stations.

      I've managed to work 24 stations so far, and there are quite a few more
      heard but not worked (yet).

      Keep at it. Once you crack it and start making your first QSOs it is a
      wonderful sense of achievement.

      73 Paul G4DCV

      Philip wrote:
      > Here is another one shown on my screen, just now!
      > 183201 1 -26 4.0 -323 21 * CQ KA9MGR EN41 ?
      > Philip G0ISW
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