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RE: [wsjtgroup] PC hesitates on TX...?

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  • Russ K2TXB
    Andy, I don t have any real good answers for you but a few comments. First, I would leave the hyper threading on. I don t see how it can hurt, and it could
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 1, 2006
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      Andy, I don't have any real good answers for you but a few comments. First,
      I would leave the hyper threading on. I don't see how it can hurt, and it
      could help when you start running more applications at the same time. I
      have seen the same problems, but they were with slow computers. I have seen
      that most new computers are loaded up with all kinds of 'gee whiz' gadgets,
      programs that are not generally desired by me. Some of these programs load
      background tasks that use up a lot of processor time. What is needed is to
      go through the task list, find out what every loaded process is for, and
      figure out whether you need it or not. That is not easy, and you will have
      to do Google searches on the process names to find out who they came from
      and what they do.

      A lot of these processes are started when your computer boots and others are
      started when you start Internet Explorer. A good program to view and remove
      these processes from being auto-started is called "HijackThis.exe". You can
      download it free from their site. But be careful to not eliminate things
      that are required. HihackThis does make a log, and I think it can undo what
      you have removed, if you tell it to save the information. But I have never
      used that feature so I cannot say how well it works. However I have fixed
      many a slow computer using it.

      Another thing to think about is your clock. How is it getting updated? If
      you are using a program like Dimension 4, how often do you have it set to
      update? Is it possible that it is updating at the start of each minute? If
      so, maybe the clock update is interfering with proper WSJT reading of the
      system clock at that moment. I have not actually confirmed that this can
      happen, but it is something to look at.

      73 & GL, Russ K2TXB

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      > Subject: [wsjtgroup] PC hesitates on TX...?
      > Hi people.
      > My PC seems to hesitate when coming up to TX when using JT65, and I
      > can't figure out why...
      > Using WSJT 4.9.8 and with very little in the way of other programmes
      > running (no anti-virus, no firewall or other such
      > programmes) With the PC clock set right, if I watch the time on the
      > WSJT programme, the seconds tick by, 57, 58, (small
      > pause) 59 moves quickly to 00, then a long pause and the clock jumps
      > to 03 seconds. In this 3 seconds, the TX turns on between 1 and 2
      > seconds, tones can be heard at 3 seconds.
      > I can't be 100% sure, but I think this delay is upsetting the time of
      > the tones as when it comes to the end of the TX period, some time
      > there's a long single tone, some times it's chopped prior to this
      > single tone being sent.
      > I've set the priority of WSJT to 'high' but it didn't make any
      > difference.
      > The machine is a new build, windows XP home, with all the updates, the
      > hardware is a P4 - 3ghz with 1.5gb of ram. The processor has hyper
      > threading, and I've tried turning it off (as it is right now) or,
      > running with it on... but there's no difference.
      > Anyone got any ideas as to what the problem may be??
      > Thanks in advance.
      > Andy
      > http://gd0tep.com
    • Andy GD0TEP
      Hi Russ & group. OK, here s more information regarding this TX hesitation problem. The PC was built by me purely for WSJT, and no other reason. Windows XP home
      Message 2 of 5 , Mar 2, 2006
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        Hi Russ & group.

        OK, here's more information regarding this TX hesitation problem.

        The PC was built by me purely for WSJT, and no other reason. Windows XP home
        was used for the operating system, and, although it was connected to the
        internet for all the usual software updates, it doesn't reside on any
        network. The only other software running on the PC is WSJT.

        Time keeping is a manual thing, i.e. I check the time and set it as best as
        I can, there's no auto update checked on the time settings.

        I can't figure out why this hesitation happens... So, in light of this
        problem, and a un-resolved problem (un-resolved by me!) between WSJT and my
        RigExpert, I have now tried (this afternoon) moving to version 5.9.3 of WSJT
        and, I first tried using a Sound Blaster Live card, but for some strange
        reason, I can't get the card to accept the incoming sound from the radio,
        outgoing is fine. So, I've pulled the S.B. and I've enabled the on board
        RealTek AC'97 sound card.

        My question this time is 'how good is the AC'97 sound card for JT65 on EME'
        ?? Anyone know the answer to that one? Any info appreciated.
        Thanks in advance.

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