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RE: [wsjtgroup] TVI RFI from 6m FSK

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  • Charles AF4O
    Excellent suggestion Russ, Thanks. I somewhat know the Police Chief so that sounds like a good course of action. I also knew the Chief s father before he
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      Excellent suggestion Russ, Thanks. I somewhat know the Police Chief so
      that sounds like a good course of action.

      I also knew the Chief's father before he passed. He was retired and an
      active CB op. I went to his house one time and tried to convince him to
      study for his ham license to no avail but he was very nice.


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      Chuck, it is definitely a problem with her equipment. But I guess you
      that. One of the good things about FSK441 and JT65 operations is that I
      a lot less TVI/RFI complaints than with CW or SSB. Part of it may be
      the steady carrier does not sound like a ham, and so they don't know why
      signal drops due to overload. But certainly it produces less 'noise'
      stereos and other audio equipment. So her equipment must be very poor.

      I have had to deal with these problems over the years. When you live in
      area like here, the neighbors all are quite affluent and mostly think
      their stuff don't smell. So there is little that can be done in terms
      reasoning with them. When cable came into this area it was a real help
      me, except for one or two who had very poor equipment installations.

      When they would call, I would tell them that I am willing to work with
      but usually they are not interested. If they threatened, I would
      tell them to call the FCC. The FCC will usually send them an
      packet to tell them how to deal with getting it fixed. If they do not
      attempt to resolve the problem then the FCC does not appear to take any
      interest in the case. I have dealt with this stuff for 25 years at this
      location, and I have yet to receive any correspondence from FCC about

      I did determine that the interference here was only when I was beamed in
      direction of a group of houses. So I try to not beam that way even
      it is an important direction (NW), during prime TV viewing hours. But
      if it
      is a contest, or an opening, or a special station then I operate and let
      chips fall.

      The threat to call the police is something you have to take seriously.
      happened to a friend, and he was actually arrested. But when he showed
      court the PRB-1 documents they dismissed the case. After that the local
      police were not interested in those kind of complaints. I would suggest
      taking a pro-active approach. Take your information packet down to the
      police station and show it to the police chief. Have a chat with him
      tell him about this woman. It sounds like he has had to deal with her
      before, so he probably will be wanting to not deal with it. But explain
      that interference of this type is in the jurisdiction of the federal
      government and he will most likely inform the complainant that he can do
      nothing about it when she calls.

      These kind of problems can be very upsetting, and tend to get one's
      pressure up. You may decide that it is not worth the aggravation. But
      is not fair that people like that can prevent you from enjoying your
      hobby -
      if you give in, that is.

      73, Russ K2TXB

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      > Subject: RE: [wsjtgroup] TVI RFI from 6m FSK
      > Hi Lee,
      > Thanks. I dealt with the power company for almost 2 years
      > trying to get the first and major round of power line rfi
      > done. I never lost my cool with them and was always diplomatic.
      > http://bellsouthpwp.net/a/f/af4o/rfi.html
      > Even when they said they would do no more, I politely and
      > calmly stated that I would have no choice but to turn it over
      > to the FCC which I did.
      > They now are cooperative and have been out several times
      > since as power rfi crops up.
      > I guess I am getting weary of all this and my stable
      > diplomatic fight is growing weak. I have about come to the
      > point just to not use 6 meters.
      > But what is next?
      > The phone conversations were brief and not enough time to get
      > angry on my part. She was angry the entire time. And the
      > threat on the first call made me decide I was not going to
      > attempt to resolve this myself other than to shut down which
      > the RH hour was over anyway.
      > I do not fear her but it's not worth risking going to her
      > territory. I feel I would have a 90 percent chance or better
      > of resolving this with a cooperative person but I am not
      > going to pay her DTV bill for local channels if all she is
      > willing to do is use that gull wing.
      > I have known her since I was a kid. I have been to her house
      > when I was in the TV-Electronics business for 20 years. She
      > works at Wal Mart. She is
      > -not- going to pay for any resolution I can tell you.
      > I guess my next move is to decide if it's worth operating 6
      > meters and risk the police knocking at my door and dealing
      > with that. Although I am in the right will small town law understand?
      > I do not give up on things worth fighting. I'm just trying to
      > decide if
      > 6 is worth fighting.
      > No you can bet I will not loose my cool. I'm in the right, no
      > reason to.
      > 73
      > Chuck
      > AF4O

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