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02/04/2006 Random Hour Summary

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  • Bruce Brackin
    Another new one setting up and able to earwig on 6m this week. Welcome Tony, W1PM in FN41. Looks like Tony has good ears! Also good to see Buff, WB2SIH in
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2006
      Another new one setting up and able to earwig on 6m this week.  Welcome Tony, W1PM in FN41.  Looks like Tony has good ears!  Also good to see Buff, WB2SIH in FN31 joining in for 2m and I see the west coast has added Jim, AF6O to their "dawn patrol" RH.  Be on lookout for XE2AT on 6m.  Al is up and running and plans on adding a little more power but already working 1000-1100 miles from DL81.

      Station 2m
      WB2SIH - Called by K4KO incomplete, heard K4KO wking AB3BK
      WA5UFH - Called and zip heard
      AB3BK  - Worked K4KO
      K4YMQ  - Heard K8RAY, AA2WV and WB2ISH
      K4KO   - Worked AB3BK, tried/CWNR WB2ISH, and AA2WV, heard
                 K4KAE and K8RAY
      W0IOH  - Nothing heard
      N5SIX  - Nothing heard before trying XE2AT sked on 6m

      Station 6m
      WA5UFH - Worked XE2AT (sked), heard AG4ZE, AF4O, KE7NR, W0IOH,
                and KC0HLN before early departure.
      AB3BK  - Worked AF4O, heard AG4ZE and K4KO
      W1PM   - Heard AA2WV, AG2A, AB3BK, N3LL, AF4O, K4KO, KN4SM and
      K4YMQ  - Heard AF4O
      K4KO   - Worked AA2WV, KN4SM and AG2A, incomplete with N3LL,
                 heard AB3BK and AF4O
      AF4O   - Worked AB3BK, heard AA2WV, N3LL, K4YMQ and WB9F
      W0IOH  - Worked K5DNL and AF6O

      Better rocks tomorrow - Bruce, N5SIX

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