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RE: [wsjtgroup] Re: Proposal/QSLs/contest skeds

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  • Randy Tipton
    Thanks for your comments Andy; well I will show my ignorance. When I decided to work the last contest unassisted, I had to get my IC746 Manual out to figure
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 10, 2003
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      Thanks for your comments Andy; well I will show my ignorance. When I decided to work the last contest unassisted, I had to get my IC746 Manual out to figure out how to set up the VFO’s to call cq on 50.270 and listen on another frequency and when I got the first response, I was so excited I forgot how to switch it back to simplex. Well, I have it down now if I don’t forget how.





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      I think this is a really great idea.  Just to clarify, the CQ Uxx/Dxx or
      CQ xxx methods are not really "split" in the usual sense of the word.
      The proper translation for CQ D7 W5ABC is "W5ABC is listening and
      **will respond** 7 khz lower.  To answer a CQ you only need one
      VFO--tune to where the station is listening an start calling with
      callsigns, just as if you were starting a prearranged schedule.  Once
      the other station hears you he/she will respond to you on that frequency
      and away you go.  I only bring this up because some newbies might get
      confused :)  FWIW, this is the method I used on my recent trips to
      EN22/03/03/20 with great success.  Randy, maybe we could coincide this
      activity weekend with the VHF digital activity weekend/contest thing on
      Feb 8th?

      I think everyone I worked is in the HSMS reflector, but I'll repeat the
      QSL info here. 
      Andrew Flowers, K0SM
      140 Franklin St. #10
      Rochester, NY 14604

      If you sent to the CBA I will get it.  I still have some cards from
      QSO's this summer to go out this week, so be patient if you are still
      waiting for one.  Please include a self-addressed envelope to save me
      time.  I won't make you bother for return postage for the VHF QSO's...at
      least not yet.  We'll see when the USPS domestic rate gets to rich for
      my blood....If you are still waiting on a qsl from me from
      way-back-when, shoot me an e-mail, DIRECTLY.  (These yahoo groups seem
      to want every reply to go through it.)  I get a bazillion cards a month
      and it's easy for me to loose one here or there. 

      BTW, I'm still looking for FSK441 contest skeds on 50/144MHz from
      W2FU/FN13he between midnight at 7am EST.  Given the wonderful ducting
      opportunities available up here in the frozen tundra, we're relying
      pretty heavily on MS for multipliers.  I'm especially looking for folks
      who can run in the middle of the night 0800z-1000z.  It's wide open
      right now, but I'm sure I'll be filling it in closer to contest time.
      If you have 25w and a small yagi on 6m and live within 1000mi of FN13,
      we should be able to do it without too much trouble.

      Andy K0SM

      Randy Tipton wrote:

      >I would like to propose an idea for "sharpening our saws". Skill
      >Improvements 101 for random contacts. Hi
      >During the last Meteor Scatter Contest several tried operating in the
      >Unassisted Class. That meant no use of Ping Jockey was permitted. It
      >would appear this is a valid method of making contacts but it offers a
      >few challenges not encountered when using the Ping Jockey.
      >Challenges like:
      >1) Operating Split... listening UXX or Dxx
      >2) Identifying the person calling with received data only and completing
      >the contact.
      >3) "Tailend" qso's in progress.
      >4) QSY stations to another band after completion of a qso.
      >These are just a few interesting challenges that unassisted operators
      >I would like to propose on every Saturday morning, maybe after everyone
      >has time to attempt the assisted qso's that we set aside a time like
      >1400 to 1500 UTC for stations to "sharpen their saws" using 144.140 and
      >50.270 for calling CQ's. This could be dubbed the "Saturday Unassisted
      >Let's see just how many CQ's are possible on the call frequencies
      >without having total KAOS. (Keep Activity On Scatter)
      >All CQ's should include one of the methods for moving the QSO to an
      >alternate frequency. The call frequency should be used for cq's only. To
      >my knowledge the two accepted methods are UXX & DXX or last three digits
      >of frequency one is listening to ie CQ 147 WA5UFH.
      >After such an event stations could post their experiences, learnings,
      >success , recommendations etc to the WSJTGROUP. Times of contacts made
      >would be of interest to see how many contacts were made on simultaneous
      >Your comments please. Good idea or bad? Would you participate? When
      >would be a good time to start? What would you change?
      >Randy Tipton WA5UFH (Tip)
      >Edna, Texas (EL19pa)
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