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Lots of interest in Digital on VHF lately...

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  • Randy Tipton
    Just shorts note about two other reflectors that are out there for digital operators. The first is the PSK_VHF_UHF_HAMRADIO-subscribe@yahoogroups.com . It was
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 13, 2002
      Just shorts note about two other reflectors that are out there for
      digital operators.

      The first is the PSK_VHF_UHF_HAMRADIO-subscribe@yahoogroups.com . It
      was started on June28th by Don, KB9UMT. This reflector has many
      members who are new to the concepts of Digital Modes on VHF. The group
      has a lot of energy and numbers about 366 individuals. Compared to
      WSJTGROUP at 172 members. This group is very broad in that it covers
      all Digital Modes on both VHF and UFH bands. Like I said, it is full
      of energy with over 1000 messages since June the 28 compared to 233
      total messages for the WSJTGROUP. From this group we will see most of
      our future operators for Meteor Scatter modes and Weak signal Modes.
      If you have the time, I would join and monitor the emails. a little
      elmering and expert advise will go a long ways to making quality
      operators. In fact, there are several stations there wanting to make
      their first qso's but are uncomfortable using the Ping Jockey
      processes. (It is a little intimidating when your unsure about the
      mode, your set-up, the procedures etc.. to make that first
      announcement on the Ping Jockey) Don, the net moderator does a very
      good job promoting the use of all Digital Modes on six and two meters.
      This group seems to be much more at ease using "Chat-Rooms". (Now I am
      intimidated using them) They also use the QSO Board, you might look
      for new contacts there.

      The second group I wish to share with you is the DOS or Digital On Six
      Group. The moderators of this group are KB0USF, K1SIX and WA5UFH. It
      is a Six Meter Group only and offers a few interesting things for
      Digital Mode Users. Each month an "Activity Report" is posted on the
      internet site for indicating the activity levels for all digital modes
      for the past month. (Of course members have to send in their digital
      qso totals) Standing Tables for all digital modes are their for
      posting your accomplishments and a DOS Honor Roll is being planned
      with the expected start date on January 1,2003. This group numbers
      about 94 members and hopes to provide other services for the Six Meter
      operators. The webpage with links to join is www.qsl.net/digitalonsix

      I wanted to share the news of these other two groups for those who
      were not aware of their presence. I am sure there are many other good
      things happening, presentations etc. Hey, maybe one day the USA will
      have more digital operators than EU! Meteor Scatter communications
      using WSJT continues to grow and interest in Weak Signal QSO's is at a
      high. The WSJTGROUP is comprised mostly of "well experienced
      operators" and those who can help with the new influx of members on
      the PSK_VHF_UFH_HAMRADIO are needed as mentors. Also you might decide
      to try the other digital modes, I find PSK and Felthell to be great
      fun during band opening. I even have made some RTTY contacts on six!

      Thanks for the bandwidth..

      WA5UFH EL19pa

      Internet Bible Study http://www.ykc.com/adcofc
      My Web Page http://www.qsl.net/wa5ufh
      DigitalOnSix WebPage http://www.qsl.net/digitalonsix

      To Join:
      DigitalOnSix http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DigitalOnSix/
      WSJT Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wsjtgroup/
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