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My FP operation

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  • Tom, N6RA
    Walt, Nothing worked, so I tried the brute force method -- uninstalled (the config file tries to stay alive by itself, but I nabbed it) and reinstalled --
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 5, 2005

      Nothing worked, so I tried the brute force method -- uninstalled (the
      config file tries to stay alive by itself, but I nabbed it) and
      reinstalled -- alles ist in ordnung, jetzt.

      I do plan to be active on JT65B at many if not most of my moonrises
      and moonsets from FP -- to the extent that there is not an Es opening
      in progress. Frequency to be announced after I get there. I will
      call CQ, transmitting first. Will be running Icom 756 ProIII
      (courtesy of Icom), converted Alpha 76A amp (1 KW out), and 7 element
      41 foot boom M2 NAN 6M yagi (courtesy of M2). I will also be running
      some FSK 441A when there is no Es. Frequency TBA after I get there.
      No internet available, but it does appear that I will have a cell
      phone -- won't be sure until I am there. Info from me will be
      funneled via W1JJ and/or W7GJ. When not running WSJT I will always be
      on 50.120. First day of operation probably the 10th of June, with the
      last day the 20th or so. I will be QRV in the June VHF QSO Party, but
      staying on 120 in the contest probably is not viable. Grid is GN17oa.
      Special emphasis on working the western reaches of North America,
      where virtually everyone needs FP.



      --- In wsjtgroup@yahoogroups.com, "Walter Miller, AJ6T" <aj6t@c...>
      > Tom,
      > The "type mismatch" error was discussed at length a few weeks ago on
      > this reflector before you joined the WSJTgroup. Check through the
      > archives for the details. This error occurs when the grid square is
      > placed in the report box instead of the more normal 26 or 27. The
      > problem got noticed when many of us were setting up for the grid
      > exchange in the MS Spring Rally contest. Joe Taylor suggested this
      > work-around:
      > Instead of putting your Grid in the report box, change the message
      > templates on the Setup -> Options page.
      > For example, during the Rally I use these for messages 2 and 3:
      > %T %G %M %G <
      > RR %G <
      > -- 73, Joe, K1JT
      > Sorry, I forgot to mention this to you when we were discussing your
      > setup for the FP DXpedition yesterday. I suggest that you stick
      > the more conventional 26 or 27 report anyway, since exchanging grid
      > squares might confuse some of the operators on the other end of your
      > QSOs.
      > Please make an announcement of your FP DXpedition plans on this
      > reflector. I don't think the word has been spread widely in this
      > I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some good multihop Es on 6
      meters so
      > that I can work you on CW or SSB. This has already been an above
      > average E-skip season, so there is reason for hope you might reach
      > west coast. Have fun. I'm sure you are going to be swamped with
      > callers on all modes.
      > 73,
      > Walt, AJ6T
      > CM87
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: "Tom, N6RA" <n6ra@a...>
      > To: <wsjtgroup@yahoogroups.com>
      > Sent: Sunday, June 05, 2005 3:34 PM
      > Subject: [wsjtgroup] Run-time error 13
      > > I am trying to get everything in order for my DXpedition to FP
      > > (leaving Tuesday). When I try to change mode from JT65B (or
      JT65A) to
      > > any of the FSK modes (441A, etc.) I get "Run-time error '13': Type
      > > mismatch". Earlier yesterday I was getting "bad data" when in
      > > but that went away by itself. Computer is a 3-week old IBM
      > > T42 with Win XP Pro SP2. MicroHam MicroKeyer interface (I get run
      > > error even if I exit MicroKeyer. Any ideas?
      > >
      > > 73,
      > > Tom, N6RA
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