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Re: [wsjtgroup] 6m grid trip on tap, MS, TN, KY, AL

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  • Dan
    And it sounds like you will end up in my backyard, hi hi. I m guessing you are heading near Louisville. I m about 30 miles due north of Louisville :-) 73 Dan
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 9, 2005
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      And it sounds like you will end up in my backyard, hi hi. I'm guessing
      you are heading near Louisville. I'm about 30 miles due north of
      Louisville :-)


      K9ZF /R no budget Rover ***QRP-l #1269
      Check out the Rover Resource Page at: http://www.qsl.net/n9rla
      List Administrator for: InHam+grid-loc+ham-books

      Bruce Brackin wrote:

      > I have a meeting in Kentucky this week and our new grandson arrived in
      > same place Thursday (now is that planning or what?!). I will be qrv
      > /M 6m only Monday heading up. Rocks have generally been very poor
      > lately so I don't want to waste our time on 2m from the mobile. 2m
      > can be on summer trip.
      > First leg will be tomorrow (10th) AM from home (EM42) to Memphis
      > through EM53 and 54 - will post to PJ before heading out. I should
      > depart fairly early Monday the 11th for Ky - guessing 1100-1200z or
      > so. Route will put me through EM55, 56, SE tip of 57, 67, 77 with
      > short stretch/arch into 78.
      > Return is scheduled for Monday 4/18 with early shove off. It is
      > possible return may be 19th. Route back will be EM77 departure, loop
      > into 78, back into 77 and then SE tip of EM67, 66, 65, 64, 63, NW tip
      > of 62 and finally EM52.
      > I will be CQ 50.260 U5 on 1st seq. Current grid will be in CQ. Since
      > I've had 2 or more on the line at same time in the past, please do not
      > use Sh's - use RH message format. There can also be lots of birdies
      > on highways. If it appears I possibly have two qso's going at once,
      > please add your suffix as well as mine. I routinely call from 00-10,
      > 20-30 and 40-50 minutes after hour and "rest" and monitor in between
      > the whole time. If you hear me, call. I wont be in a hurry on either
      > leg so if we get close to grid line I can pull off and finish a run
      > for that grid. I will be running GPS to laptop for position and
      > timing. We will be watching for tailenders before going back to CQ U5
      > (so will be listening 50.265 anyway). If we are well under 400 miles,
      > point off some and try B/s, but the low loop has fairly steep
      > takeoff. When I break for quick rest stop or gas, rx will be going.
      > If you call me and I get your BC, the BC plus report back to you will
      > be formatted:
      > yourcall mycall/M gridgrid -- shortens it up a tad.
      > You don't need to send grid. I like to send grid so there is no
      > question which one I'm passing through.
      > Should I happen to start the process with message 1 on a heard or
      > partially heard call, I will send grid as report when the time comes.
      > Generally I'll first see your BC in response to my CQ or tailending.
      > Unless you are tropo close, go ahead and start/keep calling if you see
      > I am already running or progressing with someone - doesn't hurt to get
      > a your BC under the belt!
      > If time permits, I'll try to be on RH the 16th from EM77 and/or EM78 -
      > house is less than 2 miles from line. I've got my fingers cross for
      > some good rocks. If you are loafing or playing hooky, watch for me.
      > Smile when you ping me, I'll be capturing a number of them for HamCom
      > talk. If there is anything special you need or want to try, pse email
      > me direct.
      > TNX and GL - Bruce, N5SIX
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